Did you open your chocolate Advent calendar?

Christmas market in Vienna

I woke up this morning with only one thought on my mind. It is 1 December which means that I can finally open my new Lindt chocolate Advent calendar. I bought it in mid-October when I was going back from a business trip to Italy. My new colleagues asked me if I bought it for a kid, but no, I blushingly explained, I bought it for myself. Yep! That’s me, carrying a big chocolate Advent calendar back home from a business trip. But what can I say, I just love chocolate Advent calendars. The waiting part, the excitement part, the part when you get to open a new window each day which hides a new sweet treat and the tasty chocolate itself. It’s the best thing ever!:)

chocolate Advent calendar

I didn’t really have a chocolate Advent calendar when I was growing up. First of all, I grew up in 80’s and early 90’s in a country that no longer exists, deprived of shopping malls, McDonald’s and a mobile phone until the age of 16. I got my first PC when I was finishing high school. But you know, I had better childhood than most kids today. I spent my days playing outside with real friends. And reading lots of books, of course. Anyway, I’m digressing too much, the point is, there just weren’t Advent calendars and most other things until I was a teenager. So now, I’m making up for some things, like the absence of a chocolate Advent calendar by buying it for myself. And I enjoy it shamelessly. I probably enjoy it more now than I would have when I was a kid!

I used to buy ordinary, plain, chocolate Advent calendars but last year I splurged a bit and got myself a Ritter sport chocolate advent calendar. You can read the story about that Advent calendar here. I loved it! It was just great!

This year I bought a Lindt chocolate Advent calendar. I love Lindt chocolate. It’s a bit pricey so I only buy it when I feel I deserved a special treat 🙂 What treats are awaiting me every morning this year in my chocolate Advent calendar? A mini Lindt milk chocolate ball, a mini Lindt chocolate teddy, a mini Lindor and many more. Oh what a joy! Who knows what I’ll find tomorrow in my chocolate Advent calendar!

chocolate Advent calendar by Lindt
my Lindt Advent chocolate calendar

Opening an Advent calendar marks a whole month of festivities for me. What follows is the St Nicholas Day (6 December, but it’s only for the kids), then my birthday, Christmas and New Year’s. December’s the best month of the year, don’t you think so?

p.s. If I’m really lucky somebody from Lindt will stumble upon this post and treat me with a life-time supply of their delicious chocolate:)

Do you buy a chocolate advent calendar?

This is a reblog of my original post from 1 Dec 2016. I just edited it a bit:)

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15 thoughts

  1. I’ve never had a chocolate Advent calendar and now I totally want one! Doing a quick online check, I don’t think there are good ones here in town but I could get one on Amazon, but then I’d be forced to eat a few pieces to catch up! We have a delightful Advent cabin, and behind each window is an animal figurine. I’m going to order a chocolate one right now…

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  2. This morning, when one of my kids woke up, the first thing he said was, ”Advent calendar!” 😆😍 In Finnish, we call it ”Christmas calendar”, actually.

    I love Ritter Sport chocolate (and always laugh at the ”sport” ending!). I don’t like Lindt that much.

    We had those calendars when I was a teen in Finland in the 90’s, but the chocolate was always cheap. No big brands. And I got my first mobile phone when I was like 23 or something! Admittedly, I was lne of the last ones to get one since I lived in the land of Nokia, which was at the peak of its success then. I just didn’t want to always be available!

    I’d love to read a blog post about your early life in a country that no longer exists 😊

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