Here we go again.. Baby no. 2

I’m 17 weeks pregnant with our second child. Our first child, our son, will be less than 2 years old when his baby brother or his baby sister gets born. Not what I’d planned at all. I mean, when I imagined having a family I’d always thought I’d have two children. But after what we’d been through having a second child was just an idea, an idea that would probably be pushed aside as one of those unattainable wishes we all have (and many, many people had to go through much longer and more painful processes, however, your own problems are always the worst, right?).

Then, I got pregnant. Unexpected. A tremendous shock. A great joy. A big question mark over our heads, was the universe just playing with us before? Oh, yes, it was! I did the pregnancy test on the day I was about to leave on a work trip to Italy, few days before New Year’s. So, my tiny, tiny baby has already travelled 🙂 Of course, until I got confirmation from the doctor my husband and I were both wary but I knew everything would be ok. And everything is all right 🙂

I don’t know yet whether we are having a boy or a girl. My husband roots for another boy while I’m not sure. It’d be lovely to have a girl. However, another boy would mean that he could wear his older brother’s clothes 😉 So far, this pregnancy is an easy pregnancy. I guess, I’m lucky. My first pregnancy was also a standard pregnancy without any problems. But these two pregnancies are very different after all. During my first pregnancy I focused on the preparations for the baby and enjoyed a lot of free time which I spent reading, watching films and blogging. Also, I put on quite a few kilograms in the first trimester. Now, most of the time I forget that I’m pregnant because my toddler keeps me very, very busy. I gained less weight too. We’ll see how the rest of the pregnancy goes.

My main concern, to be honest, is our 16 month old son. How will he cope with a younger sibling? How to prepare him for the arrival of his sibling? You see, I’m an only child. And so is my husband and my best friend. Therefore, I don’t have any experience with this situation. I’m sure our boy will be fine and that he will soon play with his younger sibling but reality of having two small children and a husband who works long hours….it scares me sometimes. Will I be a good mum to both children? Exhausted from the birth and breastfeeding but still full of energy to play with a toddler? I hope I’ll manage. Actually, I’m sure we’ll all be fine but very, very tired:))

ps. we’re going to Berlin soon! our first trip without our boy:) a little adventure before the second baby arrives 🙂


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  1. Enjoy Berlin, my dear! 🙂 I have a little brother and I don’t think I was really prepared for it in any way. Well, I do remember my grandmother flying to us in Australia from Sweden where she lived, to help, and she told me about the situation I guess. I remember at the hospital when he was born I was a bit surprised when my parents told me all the gifts in the hospital room weren’t for ME but for someone else 🤣But I soon got over it and adored having a baby brother. And I’m sure V will too!!!!!!!! Having a sibling is such a fun thing. And as a parent, it’s so cute to see your two kids interacting with each other, helping each other, hugging or laughing 💕So don’t worry about that. (But fatigue, yes, that’s another story…)

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  2. Congrats Tanja 🙂 My cousin just had her second baby… her first daughter was very very excited by her little brother at first. But soon she became a bit wary, like “why is he still here hogging the attention?!” Lol! But with a little encouragement from visitors (we all bring her presents as well as the baby) she is doing much better. When people come to visit the baby, my cousin tells her daughter that everyone is visiting “because they want to see her as a big sister” – so maybe something like that will help 🙂

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