Life & blog update: March 2019

Life and blog update: March… was the month we got back home after our short exile due to our bathroom renovation. Now we have a pretty bathroom and an empty bank account 🙂 I’ve finally made our travel plans too. The idea was to visit Krakow but I was reluctant to book the flight and the hotel because of several reasons. I didn’t like the idea of a long drive to the airport plus the flight times meant that we’d be away from our son for 5 full days which just seemed too long for the first time. I’ve been away for work several times already, usually for 2-4 days and my husband’s been away too and our toddler was fine but this would be his first time without both of us for a few days. So, that’s why despite my big wish to visit Krakow I decided to abandon that idea (for now) and try to find a better solution.

Et voilà, I came across extremely cheap flights for Berlin from a nearer airport. I was very happy with our change of travel plans because we’d still be going somewhere alone but for a shorter time which is really more convenient in a given situation. So, we’re leaving our boy with the grandparents and we’re off to Berlin this weekend for that last adventure before the second baby arrives. Last time I had a very relaxing babymoon but this time it’s going to be a short city break 🙂

As usually, we managed to spend some quality times with our friends and had several board games nights and a barbecue Sunday too. Furthermore, I tried the Escape room for the first time. We were successful and managed to rob the bank during given time. It was all very exciting and lots of fun. Have you ever tried an escape room?

The weather in the second half of the month finally began to look like spring so we took advantage of the warm and sunny days and spent lots of time on the beach. 🙂 I’m feeling all right, honestly I sometimes even forget that I’m pregnant. Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will go as smoothly as so far.

What have you done in March? Does it feel like spring in your corner of the world?


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10 thoughts

  1. Oh how exciting to read about your planning moon #2, congrats on finding a solution. How has it been handling a toddler and pregnancy at same time? Our baby girl is almost 1 and already perfecting her walking so I’m not so anxious to start trying for baby no.2 at same time,wanna get to it ASAP lol so can raise the kids together

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      1. Aw yeah I can only imagine how much more tiring it may be. With first baby at least mama could try nap when baby sleeps but having a first born also demanding your attention… U got this mama I know u will figure it all out eventually and find your balance

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  2. Have a lovely time in Berlin, I’m sure that will be a great trip! The weather has been great hasn’t it, I’ve been enjoying a bit of nice weather after returning from a trip down under at the beginning of the month! Just about managed to get over the jetlag now 🙂

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