Life & blog update: April 2019

Alexander platz, Berlin
Alexander platz in Berlin, Germany

Life & blog update : April.. was an exciting month for sure. My husband and I visited Berlin for a weekend. It was our first trip without our toddler. We’ve had lots of fun and we’ll definitely be back for some more exploration of Berlin. Hope to blog soon about our weekend but for now you can check my photo post of Berlin (link below ).

Last month we’ve also found out that our second baby is a girl! So exciting!!:) I’m still feeling quite all right, no major pregnancy problems apart from my growing baby bump and the lack of choice in my wardrobe. And I’m starting to get excited about all the pink, glittery girly clothes 😉

We had fun over Easter weekend with our family and friends. Recently, I’ve devoted some of my (limited) free time to reading again. I love reading but I haven’t been able to read as much as I used to because of my boy and Instagram scrolling many obligations. But I read a couple of very interesting books in the past two months. Do you have any recommendations for me? Something either light & romantic or a mystery novel à la Agatha Christie or like Midsomer Murders or something travel related.

I finally blogged more and managed to publish 5 posts! When I started blogging four years ago I sometimes posted 12 times per month! Now, I’m lucky If I post more than three times per month. Hopefully, I’ll manage to write some more in the next couple of months before my baby girl arrives.


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What were the highlights of your April? Did you travel somewhere?


Have a great May!





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