I dream of…..travelling!

Dunluce Castle in Ireland  source of photo

I dream of…travelling. I am a dreamer. There, I said it. My head is often in the clouds but I have noticed lately that my feet are actually firmly planted on the ground. I guess I have become an adult. I still travel and I still plan new trips but maybe it’s my 33rd birthday fast approaching or my husband’s rational voice in my ear saying ..wait, maybe I should save some money, not to go on a trip but to actually save it for the rainy days. However, there are still lots of places I dream of visiting. And I’m sure I will continue to travel but perhaps I won’t fulfill all my travelling dreams. Shocking?! Perhaps, but very true. After all, if you do accomplish all your dreams, what’s left to do?

So, some of my dream destinations are within easy reach. It’s not that expensive to visit them and they aren’t that far away. However, other places are actually the stuff dreams are made of…visiting those places would mean years and years of saving up and missing out on other fun things perhaps. Are they worth it? Maybe yes, maybe not; I’m not sure. Yet.

What are the places I want to visit? I have several lists. One is very doable and I’ll probably travel to those places sooner or later. Another list is a real dream list.

My realistic list

Germany: yes, not that far away but I still haven’t made it to big old Deutschland. I’m not particularly interested in Berlin. Bavaria is my favourite German region! I’d love to travel to Munchen and admire the Neuschwanstein castle!

Ireland: specifically Dublin, but I’d love to do a road trip across the whole country too!

Amsterdam: both my husband and my best friend have visited it so I find it hard to persuade them to go back, but this time with me! I’d love to do a canal boat ride.

Krakow, Poland: this is a new entry on this list. I’ve seen so many gorgeous blog posts about it

Copenhagen: I think it’s only fair that after visiting Oslo and Stockholm I should visit this Scandinavian beauty too! 🙂

Santorini, Greece : I’ve done a fair share of travelling around Greece but Santorini is something I’d love to do one day

(semi-realistic entry) Switzerland : I’m a chocholic, what else to say?

If you haven’t noticed, all of these places are in Europe. Unfortunately travelling across the Atlantic (or any other ocean) despite more accessible air fares is still a challenge for someone who doesn’t have a proper full-time job but does a lot of temp and freelance work. There are more places on the above list but these are really the ones I want to visit first. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the UK. It deserves a separate list. And a separate blog post!

My dream list

New York City: Ideally I’d spend 10 days wandering and shopping around NYC with my best friend

USA: I’d like to visit San Francisco, Washington DC and smaller towns in New England region

Canada: Quebec City would be my first port of call , then Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

New Zealand : it’s so so so far away from my small country. But I hear it’s beautiful!

Australia: Sydney and koalas 🙂

Argentina : a land of tango! I actually have some distant family members there

Egypt: I’d love to see Cairo and the pyramids

Iceland: a new entry on this list!

This is not the entire list. There are other places I’d love to visit one day such as Japan but the above places are the places I’d like to visit first. And a few tropical island states should be on this list too but only If I win the lottery! I don’t want to spend that much money just to be on the beach!I’ve got palm trees and clear sea in Croatia too!:)

I dream of …travelling

So what do you think of my lists? What places are on your realistic list? What about your dream list?

New York
New York
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91 thoughts

  1. You got a good list going on.
    I have been to 74 countries and I am not done yet.
    This hear I will be going to Chile, Uzbekistan and Poland.

    I started writing a travel photography blog, in case you are interested.


    I LOVE to see how many people are into traveling!!!

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  2. They’re all on my list basically! I’d add Croatia in there too 😉

    I absolutely loved visiting NYC last year, it was a highlight. And bits of Canada and Alaska. At least you can keep a lookout for low cost rail/air tickets around Europe and hopefully stick within a bit of a budget. Good luck with your list!

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  3. Love this list! My gosh I want to visit it all as well 🙂 And I totally understand the struggle, I’ve been unemployed since July and my travel plans are mostly dreams right now, until I get a job (and my passport back haha). You’re the second person that I’ve seen mention Quebec city as a first port of call, but I’m not sure there are international flights to there lol, but it’s easily accessible from Montreal 🙂

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  4. Such a good list! I’d find it difficult to choose where to go first! I highly recommend Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Krakow – you could also add in Zakopane if you visit Krakow as it’s a gorgeous mountain town not too far away. Hope you get to visit lots of these places! And my husband says the same thing but the only thing I ever want to save my money for is travel!

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  5. I completely understand, T! Great post. It’s true that once you’re bitten by the travel bugs, there’s no return! The thing is we don’t have to do all the amazing places at once, the key is good planning. That way, seeing the world is a dream that will definitely come true…slowly but surely!

    Have a lovely day 🙂

    xx from London

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  6. That is such a great list! I think my top 3 right now are Italy (again!), Bali and South America. 🙂
    There’s nothing wrong with having impractical dreams..I think a balance of the practical and impractical makes for good dreams!

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  7. There’s so many amazing places on your lists! I really want to visit Amsterdam too, and Copenhagen. We visited Santorini last year and it was amazing! And Iceland! I’m dying to go back there and explore more!
    I really want to visit Slovenia – we’re hoping to go next year. And further away would be Hawaii, Peru and South Africa!
    xo April | April Everyday

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  8. What a beautifully written post. I love your list of places! 🙂 I’d also really love to visit Iceland. I’ve lived and visited too many countries to count so am looking for something completely unlike anthing I’ve seen. Necker Island is definitely one to see too 🙂

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  9. I have an ever growing list of places to visit – and yeah some of realistic & others are dream destinations. Living in Australia, we are so far away from anywhere really and it’s expensive to travel most places (even within Aussie itself!) so I have to be really careful about the places I choose to go so I can get enough bang for my buck, so to speak. Top of the current list tho would be Canada (trans Canadian train trip) and Norway (Northern Lights cruise).

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  10. Krakow is def in my list too! I am in the same shoes where in im feeling a little bit old in continuing my dreams of travelling the world. Besides being old, my husband’s words rings in my head too that maybe I / we should save up for a bigger house or a new car, etc. I would still want to continue travelling though, but it wont be like before during our younger days where the decision comes instantly with an impulse and before we know it we’re headin off the airport or the next train station. It’s an odd feeling really but Im glad im not the only one having this dilemma. Great post!


  11. It is so hard to balance practicality and what we want. I would love to travel the world but that isn’t going to happen. Realistic travel dreams involve anything in North America. Impractical dreams, well, I would love to go to most of Europe, Norway, Iceland, and Ireland. Your country looks beautiful from the pictures you have put up on your blog. I would also like to go to Japan because both my husband and son have been fascinated by the idea for years. And of course, the U.K. Always the U.K.

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    1. yeah, I know. 🙂 Japan, China and India would have been on that list. Actually they were when I was younger, to be honest. 🙂 But they’re expensive and I’m older and less flexible so I guess they’re off the list! Unless I win the lottery:))


      1. Expensive? I think coming from Europe they will be cheaper for you. Im from India and I travel to Europe often as you know. A euro is 70 times costlier to me. I think you are pretty safe that ways 🙂

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