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The ABCs of my travels

A fellow travel blogger whose recent posts from her latest trip to England left me green-eyed with jealousy has also published a fun little post called Alphabet travels. I thought I could do a similar post 🙂  So, I went through all my travel photos (not an easy task) to find one for the each letter of the (English) alphabet. Actually, like she did, I wanted to see whether I’ve visited cities/towns/places whose names correspond to each letter of the alphabet. For instance, I had plenty of choice for letter B since I visited Budapest and Barcelona and Bruges and Belgrade and Bologna …. But I’ve definitely not been to any place whose name begins with letter X. Maybe the alphabet should be the inspiration for my next trip? Let’s go to a place that starts with X or U 🙂


A- Athens, Greece, 2006


B- Brussels, Belgium, 2015


C- Cambridge, England, 2008


D- Dubrovnik, Croatia, first time in 2005

Dubrovnik, Croatia

E-Edinburgh, Scotland, 2011


F-Florence, Italy, first time in 2004


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I dream of…..travelling!


Dunluce Castle in Ireland  source of photo

I dream of…travelling. I am a dreamer. There, I said it. My head is often in the clouds but I have noticed lately that my feet are actually firmly planted on the ground. I guess I have become an adult. I still travel and I still plan new trips but maybe it’s my 33rd birthday fast approaching or my husband’s rational voice in my ear saying ..wait, maybe I should save some money, not to go on a trip but to actually save it for the rainy days. However, there are still lots of places I dream of visiting. And I’m sure I will continue to travel but perhaps I won’t fulfill all my travelling dreams. Shocking?! Perhaps, but very true. After all, if you do accomplish all your dreams, what’s left to do?

So, some of my dream destinations are within easy reach. It’s not that expensive to visit them and they aren’t that far away. However, other places are actually the stuff dreams are made of…visiting those places would mean years and years of saving up and missing out on other fun things perhaps. Are they worth it? Maybe yes, maybe not; I’m not sure. Yet.

What are the places I want to visit? I have several lists. One is very doable and I’ll probably travel to those places sooner or later. Another list is a real dream list.

My realistic list

Germany: yes, not that far away but I still haven’t made it to big old Deutschland. I’m not particularly interested in Berlin. Bavaria is my favourite German region! I’d love to travel to Munchen and admire the Neuschwanstein castle!

Ireland: specifically Dublin, but I’d love to do a road trip across the whole country too!

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