GPSmyCity travel article app Christmas giveaway

Trieste, Italy

Since it’s almost the holiday season I’ve partnered up with GPSmyCity for a Christmas giveaway. I’m sure you’re already quite familiar with this indispensable travel tool. Some of my blog posts have been turned into travel article apps which you can download for free from iTunes App Store or Google Play to your mobile phone or tablet. You can use them offline wherever you are. If you want the map and the GPS navigation you pay a small fee for an upgrade. You can also get a subscription and get access to numerous travel articles for the same destination. In this giveaway you can get my travel article apps Sunday in Trieste and Christmas markets in Vienna.

Trieste probably isn’t your first choice in Italy but this Adriatic seaside town has a lot to offer. Old world charm, Italian coffee culture, monuments, a castle with a tragic love story and so much more. Furthermore, it’s quite near Slovenia and Croatia so you can combine your visit to this Italian gem with a beach holiday in Croatia or a visit to the world famous Bled Lake in Slovenia. My travel article app Sunday in Trieste focuses on the dolce (sweet) in la dolce vita sentiment. It takes you to the oldest coffee houses (patisseries ) in Trieste.

Of course, with Christmas just around the corner you can find useful my travel article app Christmas markets in Vienna giving you an overview of Vienna’s famous Christmas markets. With GPS and map navigating you to all the Christmas markets mentioned in my post you won’t need anything more to truly enjoy the wonderful Christmas markets in Vienna.

So, why not treat yourself for Thanksgiving or Christmas and get these GPSmyCity travel article apps for free!



This giveaway is valid for 1 full week commencing today (Monday November 25) and lasting until Sunday (1 December ).


Christmas markets in Vienna

Sunday in Trieste 

To get your free upgraded app you need to click on the link for the article(s) you are interested in. Then follow the instructions.



Thanks to GPSmyCity for providing free updated apps for the period of the giveaway


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