Life & blog update: July 2019

Dvigrad, Istria, Croatia
a day trip to Dvigrad ruins

Life and blog update: July 2019….was a very hot month. It’s not easy to endure a heatwave when pregnant 8 and a half months! I spent some time at the beach chasing after my 20 months old boy. We attended a medieval festival in Istria which was lots of fun (link below).

What else happened in July? We went to see our friends’ new kitten. Oh, I forgot how tiny kittens are. Our 6 year old cat is quite big;)

We met up with a couple of other friends too and my hubby had a big birthday party. Our boy got to hang out with his little friends too. It’s fun to watch him play with other kids. I think he’ll be great as a big brother. On that note, I finally bought a few items for my baby girl. Not long now till we meet her!

Have you seen the Stranger things 3? I’m not sure what to think about it but I didn’t find it better than the first season like some people say. We’re also going to watch the second season of the German TV series Dark (also a Netflix series). You should definitely watch it!!

London was on my mind so I blogged about a tea shop:) I haven’t been to London in three years! Horrible! Next year we might try to go somewhere with our two kids and hopefully I’ll manage a trip with my girlfriends so London will probably have to wait…


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Dvigrad Ruins, Istria, Croatia

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What were the highlights of your July? Did you travel somewhere?


Have a great August!





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  1. So nice to catch up on your blog! I’m planning to get back into blogging this much, so I hope we stay in contact. 🙂 Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby girl! 🙂

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