Twinings Tea Shop, City of London

Twinings, London

Twinings Tea Shop in the City of London is one of the British institutions that must be visited when in London, whether you’re a tea lover or not.

I love the City Of London because it’s an area of London where you can find old Roman remains and the newest skyscrapers and oddly enough that looks amazingly great together. On my last trip to London in 2016 (gosh, it’s been already three years since my last pilgrimage to London 😉 ) I revisited the City Of London. I admired the free views of London from the Sky Garden and learnt more about the history of London at the Museum of London.

I’ve also bought some tea at Twinings Tea Shop. This is the oldest tea shop in London dating back to 1706. Twinings historical flagship store is right across the Royal Courts of Justice at 216 Strand, the City of London. Be careful when you walk down the street because if you don’t look carefully you might miss the Twinings shop tucked in between two higher and wider buildings. There’s a plaque about the foundation of the shop at the entrance and above the door you can see the recognizable Twinings symbol as well as the Royal Crest. Queen Victoria granted Twinings their first Royal Warrant for tea. The inside of the shop is quite long and narrow full of shelves and cabinets filled with tea and all sorts of teaware.

Twinings, London


I wasn’t much of a tea drinker until my work experience in the UK. I love black tea, green tea, fruit & herbal tea and rooibos. Of course, all of these can be found here at Twinings shop. Firstly, I browsed leisurely at all the shelves. It was lunch hour so the shop wasn’t busy. I was asked politely by one of the staff if I needed any help. I declined and continued my perusal. There were a couple of cabinets with old, historical tea cups and other teaware which caught my interest too. Then, it was time to decide what was I going to buy. I wanted to buy everything but I had to restrain myself and buy only a couple of tea boxes.

My husband loves ginger tea so I was happy when I saw a box of the selection of ginger tea. Since I have a thing for tea tin boxes I just had to buy the special edition Queen’s 90 birthday tea in a lovely blue tin box. I also purchased individual tea bags (15) so I can try some new tastes too. I could have gotten a lovely wooden box to put the tea bags in it but I didn’t want to pay for excess baggage on my return flight since I had to buy other things too. So, I got a foldable cardboard tea box which is great if you’re buying a gift for someone. You can buy loose tea too, of course. If you’re looking for an authentic London/British souvenir you’ll be spoilt for choice at Twinings shop. Apart from tea you can buy all sorts of tea accessories and biscuits and hampers and gift boxes etc. Really, I could have spent a fortune here if I’d wanted. Tea is always a good souvenir because every time I have a cup of tea it reminds me of my London trips. Of course, I buy tea at shops in my hometown too but it’s a more special experience to drink the tea I bought in London 🙂

Are you a tea drinker too?


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  1. wow, i’ll have to go to twinings if i get to go to london again! I love lapsang souchong tea, and i haven’t been able to find any anywhere that’s strong enough, so i order it from twinings in london. the shop looks so inviting!

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