Monthly blog overview: November 2017

I posted about the Field of Miracles in Pisa

November was all about Him, my baby boy V., since he was born at the beginning of the month. I’d scheduled a couple of posts for late October/early November and actually expected to be brain-dead for at least a month so I was very pleased with myself when I managed to write a post about my baby and then a post about Pisa 🙂  V. is such an adorable baby and he already looks like a proper baby and not a newborn. However, I won’t share a lot of his photos (maybe just one or two where his face isn’t seen ).

December plans for the blog? A few posts. You know what, I’d really like to change my blog’s look, get a new theme perhaps but I don’t know which one. I tried a few but I didn’t like them. Maybe I’m just scared of more changes 🙂

I’m looking forward to visiting the Christmas markets in my hometown. Hopefully we’ll manage to do that. What about you? Do you like spending time at the Christmas markets?

Travel plans for 2018? Too early to say much really. What are your travel plans for the new year?


Published posts in November

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Sunday Photo: Christmas in Vienna

Meet my baby V.

Should You visit the Field of Miracles in Pisa?


Have a happy December!

ps. my 34 birthday is soooon!




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