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Travel Australia And New Zealand In Ultimate Luxury

It may be your honeymoon, or it has been your lifelong dream to travel to Australia and New Zealand, or it could be a mix of the two. Whatever your reason is, you have saved up quite a large amount in order to have the best experience you possibly can, but are not quite sure where to spend your money. It can be extremely overwhelming when you touch down in a country you have wanted to see for the longest time – it can be even more overwhelming waking up on your travel day after years and years of saving and finally being able to go, and realizing that by tomorrow you’ll be there. Of course, getting to that travel day will take a lot of organizing – especially if you are planning to travel in the most luxurious way you can afford. Here are a few suggestions on luxury travel, accommodation, and experiences so you can take your pick. You may not be able to afford them all – you may be able to afford even more – but just one of these could be a life-changing experience for you and make it the trip of a lifetime. Since you’ve been saving all this time, and dreaming about this trip most of your life – you can be certain you deserve a little luxury whilst on the adventure.


Getting To Your Destination

Let’s start off with the ultimate, five-star luxury that will come with the heaviest price tag but for an extremely good reason. A private jet. Of Course, with that starting statement, You may be thinking:  How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet? Well, in all honesty, a flight as long as one to Australia or New Zealand (especially one as long as 20+ hours depending on where you’re travelling from) will be out of many people’s price ranges. You’ll be looking in the six-figure range for a 24-hour flight depending on the type of jet you fly in. However, that doesn’t mean this option is ruled out for you. If you have an extensive budget, you could look at chartering a private jet for your flight between New Zealand and Australia, although a 3-hour flight will still cost you just under $35,000. This may be in your price range, or you may even have the budget to enjoy the entirety of your travel on a chartered jet. However, if you can’t afford this option, there are “empty leg” flights. Every chartered flight needs to go to a destination and then travel back to where they came from – this return flight usually is not booked by passengers. It is incredibly likely there will be a few flights like this shuttling between New Zealand and Australia that have been chartered and are returning to your desired destination. Empty leg flights offer up to 75% off of set prices – so you’ll be looking at a much more affordable price of just under $9000 when compared with full price. If this is still not looking like an option within your budget, you can fly business class with an airline of your choice, that is still extremely luxurious when compared with flying coach. You’ll have a lot more leg room, a private TV to keep you entertained on the long flight, and on some flights a bar to celebrate either a new marriage, or the trip of a lifetime. However you decide to fly, you can rest assured you’ll feel like a million dollars even if it didn’t cost you them.

Whilst You Explore

Of course, you will already be fully aware that Australia and New Zealand are both extremely large places to travel around, and not everything you want to see will be within walking distance. You will need a transfer service from the airport to your accommodation and will need to travel from monument to monument and experience to experience. Continuing in the five-star luxury range – have you considered a chauffeured car for a few of your travels? These are quite popular in Australia, and there are quite a few available to choose from including Lux Cars and Melbourne Star Chauffeured Cars. In New Zealand you have options like Private Driver Hire and ChauffeurNZ – the latter also provides private tour options. If you don’t have the budget to do this for your travel, you may be able to do it for a tour of some of the most prestigious sites that are must-sees for your trip. These will ensure you are able to experience the places you’ve always daydreamed about in ultimate comfort – rather than facing hot (and sweaty) heat of the midday sun and aching feet.

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Once in a lifetime experiences #travellinkup

First of all, I’d like to say how happy I am to be this month’s co-host of travel linkup with Emma, Angie and Polly!

Have you ever swum with the sharks? Or visited Machu Pichu? What about running with the bulls in Spain or seeing the Northern Lights? You haven’t done those? Neither have I. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have valuable once in a lifetime experiences. Perhaps some of them might seem ordinary to someone else, like they are not really once in a lifetime experiences but to me they were just that. Unique experiences that represented me, who I was at the time I had them.

Sure, I  could do some of them again but it wouldn’t be quite the same (e.g. spend a week in Paris again ) because I am not the same anymore. Time and life (and travel too) has changed me.

in Paris in 2007

So what travels stand out among all the others? And what has made them so special?

There are two trips that come to my mind immediately not just because of the amount of fun I had on them but also because of the very travelling bit that made them extra special.  In 2005 I went to Turkey with a group of friends by train. Yes, you read that right! It was the cheapest available option so we took the train from Croatia to Turkey via Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. 36 h on the train (not in a sleeper train) and we made it to Istanbul for three days of sightseeing. Then it was to Izmir for the next three days of fun before we finally came to Çeşme where we attended a student conference.

Another odyssey happened in 2006 when I went to Greece by a ferry from Venice. Well, firstly we had to get to Venice, then spend 30 h on the ferry to Patras and take a train to Athens, our final destination. After 2 weeks of frolicking around Greece it was time for a return ferry trip, sleeping on the deck in our sleeping bags again. That’s an experience I wouldn’t repeat again!

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