Life & blog update: January 2021

Kostrena, Croatia

Life & blog update: January 2021…was a life changing month. But more about it in the next month’s life & blog update. 😉 Other than that, January was a quiet month.

In other news, so far 2021 is pretty much like 2020 considering the state of the world. How are things with vaccination going in your country? Are you still in lockdown? How are you coping? I think I got used to all the restrictions but I miss everything that we took for granted, such as hugging my parents or eating in a restaurant or travelling. And I miss my best friend so much. I can’t believe that I got to see her more often when she lived in China than now when she’s living in Germany.

January was a month of doctor’s check-ups for me. I’m starting to feel my age. And I got sick at the end of the month, tummy bug. Kids had a cold too. Otherwise, kids are doing great. My 16 months old daughter is imitating everything her older brother does which is both amusing and annoying. I finally got round to organizing my daughter’s photo album but I’m still behind her baby memory book. We went out for a couple of times with the kids, strolls by the sea. There’s a lot of snow all around our hometown but since the kids were sick we didn’t manage to take them sledging.

I feel my kids are missing out a lot because of current situation but on the other hand I’m lucky they aren’t school age yet. I think homeschooling and online school is really difficult and I think that kids miss their friends and the whole school environment.

Nowadays, I hardly ever take photos that aren’t photos of my kids. I mean, unless I travel….. The photo above is literally the only photo I took in January that isn’t a photo of my kids. Isn’t that funny in a way?

I’m afraid this post was short and boring so I’ll understand if you decide to skip it in favour of my future better (and preferably also travel related) post.

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Have a great February!



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11 thoughts

  1. I figured that 2021 (at least, the beginning of it) would be 2020 Version 2.0, given just how many countries in the world (i.e. Western nations) have poorly handled the pandemic. The US is evidently the worst (given the misinformation strewn around by our now-former Commander-in-Chief), and although vaccinations have been administered to many in the health profession, we have a LONG ways to go before the general population has access to it. January was quite the long month for me, as it was just work and a few weekends of ordering in some good food (trying out new cuisines in the neighborhood). February’s a shorter month, so here’s hoping that things look up as the month and year progress!

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  2. Your post wasn’t in the least boring! It’s good to hear from you, way across the world…we’re doing ok here, I just read online that 10% of people in my county have gotten the vaccine, which isn’t many people. We’re not even eligible to get it yet, but hopefully it will happen sometime in the coming months. Meanwhile, we wait for spring…

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  3. our govt being very cautious on vaccinations, and wont start probably until the end of the month with Pfizer. I have bad allergies to nuts so I wont be able to take that one. But the Astrazeneca one is supposed to start roll out March and I guess I’ll end up with that. We really have very little corona virus here so they are able to be more cautious I guess, we have our own approval here on each vaccine. But at the same time we jump at shadows. Western Australia called a 5 day lockdown for ONE CASE of corona and all the state borders shut to them, I think there is more to it but it really a big reaction to a single case. I think we’ll be the last country on earth to open up again. sigh.

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  4. I’m intrigued to hear how this past month has been life-changing for you but I’ll be patient! You ask about how things are going where we are. The UK is still in lockdown and likely to be so all through February. Our vaccination programme is going well, which is the good news, but there’s concern about how quickly the new variants can spread – not just our home-grown UK one but also the South African one, of which we have a few but growing number of cases. I swither between optimism and pessimism on an almost hourly basis!

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