If I could travel now….

mona lisa with face mask
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

If I could travel now…I’d explore a castle with my family

If I could travel now… I’d go to London with my best friend and have a drink at our favourite pub

If I could travel now…I’d visit Finland for the first time and meet up with my blogger friend from Helsinki

If I could travel now…I’d enjoy a weekend trip just with my husband

If I could travel now….I’d go on a work trip to the same places I usually go and love it as if I’d never been there before

If I could travel now…I’d go somewhere just by myself, anywhere really, maybe to a chocolate glamping village in Slovenia that my friend read about in a magazine and told me about it?!

If I could travel now…. but I can’t. Not now. Not anytime soon. But definitely later. At some point in the future I’ll travel again. That time will come. But now we all need to #stayathome and save lives. This too shall pass.

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  1. It is starting to let up. Funny that you’d say you’d revisit places you’ve been before and enjoy it. I am encouraging local travel still. We still have to evaluate the next few months as cities open up. I cancelled my trip from the San Francisco Bay Area to Ireland and Scotland for my birthday in September. I am not sure I’ll be ready, definitely not with a mask on for 13+ hours. Stay safe!

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    1. Here life is back to some sort of normal and we went to a couple of day trips locally, within our country. I’m not sure if international travel is on the cards this year.

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  2. It will pass and we will travel again🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
    I’m so happy for such optimistic souls like you🌻🌻🌻 Check out my recent post where I wrote about the future of traveling after COVID19!
    From the perspective of a traveller 💜
    I hope you like it🌻🌻🌻

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  3. I have had 3 trips cancelled this years so far. I dearly hope that my trip in December to South America and Antarctica stays on the books. Good luck, and I hope you get to travel soon.

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    1. yes, it’s not easy. but it’s not just travel, is it? it’s everything, everything is so different now, a new normal they say, until we find the vaccine or something like that


  4. Preach! If we could travel now we’d return to our countries to spend time with family and friends again. But of course staying away until it’s safe.. Take care of yourself and enjoy your “online travels”..

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  5. I am still finding it hard to believe how this saga has hit the nation.If I could go out now,it will probably be to the mall and park just to see people alive .But honestly…..if I could travel now,I could go France and enjoy the sweet romance with a lover.

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  6. Ah…so true. I have been very privileged to travel so much with my job, and it has provided inspiration and content for my blog…but for now we must wait, be patient and dream…..

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  7. a chocolate glamping village, that sounds fantastic! i hope you’re doing well staying inside. here in the US maybe we’ll hopefully makes some progress towards getting enough medical supplies to hospitals.

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  8. We just got back from Amsterdam on March 9th and it seemed as soon as we got back the world went crazy. I’m sure we all have the urge to plan things, get togethers and trips to have something to look forward to but no one knows when the end will be in sight. For now it’s just waiting… and not knowing… but I hope soon we will be able to look back on this and say ‘remember that time when?’ As we sip white wine on a balcony in Santorini. Do you have any upcoming trips booked?

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    1. No, I don’t have anything booked. I only had plans and definitely when all this finishes we will travel. But for now we all lead this suspended half life, it’s not about the travel just, it’s about not being able to see friends and family and more…but we have to endure


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