Top 9 Christmas Movies You Should Watch

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Top 9 Christmas movies is a blog post featuring my favourite Christmas movies that you should watch.

I love everything about Christmas. Decorating the Christmas tree, visiting the Christmas markets here and abroad, eating Christmas cakes, family gatherings…everything! My preparations for Christmas season begin with watching Christmas movies. However, I have been known to have watched a Christmas movie or two or three way before Christmas. Sometimes when I feel down I put on a Hallmark Christmas movie and enjoy its predictability and light-heartedness. It’s like eating your favourite comfort food, it makes you feel better instantly. And we all need a lot of comfort food and feel good movies this year. So, go ahead, enjoy these Christmas movies now, don’t wait for Christmas…

Here are my top 9 Christmas movies:

Love Actually

London. Christmas. Hugh Grant. The recipe for the best movie ever!:) 8 seemingly unrelated couples have different love stories but in the end we see that everyone is connected and they all watch a school Christmas show.

The Holiday

Two women swap their homes and find love in an unexpected place. I recently read about the English film location for this great Christmas movie. So, when I visit the Cotswolds one day I definitely want to see the village where they filmed this movie.

Home alone

The quintessential Christmas movie to watch as a child and as an adult. I can’t wait for my kids to be older so that we can watch Home alone together. It’s hilarious!

Hallmark Christmas movies

Picture this: small town America, snow, plenty of Christmas decorations, one couple and a predictable but sweet story. There are many, many different stories in Hallmark Christmas movies but this one is the most common.

The Santa Claus

This is a Christmas classic. You must watch all Santa Claus sequels but in my opinion the first one is the best. A man has to take place of Santa Claus because the Santa fell off of his roof. It’s a proper family movie.

Love the Coopers

It’s not a typical happy-go-lucky Christmas movie. It’s got a great cast and every character has problems in their life. The family tries to get together for Christmas Eve dinner but there are many complications.

The Family Stone

Another Christmas movie with excellent actors. An uptight business woman goes to her partner’s home for Christmas holidays. The family is eccentric and she has trouble fitting in. And then…an interesting twist happens when her sister arrives too.

Last Christmas

The newest addition on this list. Last Christmas came out in 2019 but it definitely needs to be on my top 9 Christmas movies list. One of the funniest scenes in the movie for me is when the mother of the main character supposedly sings an old Croatian song. However, this is a sad movie.

The Christmas Chronicles

Netflix has also decided to make Christmas movies and they’ve made a hit. This is a great Christmas family movie. Two kids try to catch Santa red-handed and they end up having the most unexpected, wonderful night.

Have you seen these Christmas movies? Do you like them? What would you add to my Christmas movies list?

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  1. I saw Last Christmas in the cinema and didn’t know about the Croatian plot, so I was the person shouting from excitement at the start (we never see Croatian or Balkan even in cinema) and then had to laugh out loud during the singing scene and at something the dad said.

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  2. Yaaay this list comes at the perfect time as I’m just getting in the festive mood! 😍 When I saw the title of your post I thought that at least half of them would be checked off my list but I actually have only seen the first two! So many more to discover 😍

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  3. I’ve watched 4 of the 9 films you’ve listed; all of them are just the feel-good movies to see during a feel-good time of year! I’d also recommend Last Holiday (2006 remake), although it focuses more on New Year’s than Christmas…but still a funny and warm film to watch with the family!

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