My home (Discover Croatia)

View of Rijeka from the Opatija bay, Croatia
the view of my hometown in the distance across the sea

HOME. Such a powerful word. It has so many meanings. What is your home? Where is your home???

I once wrote Home is where the cat is and I still believe that. Our ginger tomcat is still with us but now we are also parents to two kids: a three-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl. I wonder how they will feel about their home once they grow up. About the house they grew up in, their hometown, their birth country…

I’ve only lived in two countries so far: Croatia and England. I felt at home in London even before I moved to England but it wasn’t until that move that I could officially call England my home. It just felt right, I felt right there, even though I called England my home for a short while and even though I wasn’t happy at my job there. Home is where your heart is ..and a piece of my heart stayed in England and another will always belong to London.

I once called England my home

However, I was born in Croatia and this is where I raise my family. Croatia is a small Mediterranean country close to Italy and Slovenia and Hungary. It is a stunning country with thousands of islands, beautiful nature, historical towns and it’s got excellent cuisine. If you like exploring castles or hiking or drinking good wine, you can find all that and more in Croatia. Now, I sound just like a travel agent but I hope that you’ll visit Croatia if you already haven’t because a lot of people in Croatia depend on tourism for their livelihood.

So, let me show you my country through a few selected Croatia posts that you can find here on my blog (these are all about less known or even off the beaten path places in Croatia since I’m sure you’ve all heard about Dubrovnik or Plitvice Lakes National Park).

If you like islands and beaches but you’re also a culture vulture and a history lover why don’t you visit one of Kvarner Islands, such as Rab or Lošinj?

Veli Lošinj, Croatia
Veli Lošinj town on Lošinj island

If you like exploring castles head to Northern Croatia and visit Veliki Tabor Castle or visit the medieval festival at the ruins of a forgotten town in Croatian Tuscany, Istria?

medieval festival at Dvigrad ruins, Istria, Croatia
at the Medieval festival at Dvigrad ruins in Istria

If you want something completely different : spend a day at a cowboy village or let your kids run around a wooden castle?

Family day out: Cowboy village Roswell in Croatia
at cowboy village Roswell-film set of Winnetou films

If you’re a chocoholic like me why don’t you visit the oldest tourist town in Croatia, Opatija, and eat chocolate at the chocolate festival?

If you’ve been to Venice carnival why don’t you see our International Carnival parade in Rijeka too?

Carnival in Rijeka, Croatia
at the carnival parade in Rijeka

I hope I gave you plenty of ideas of what to do and what to see in my home country Croatia. And I definitely need to blog more about my country. Hope to see you in Croatia soon!:)

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  1. Oh Tanja, I would really love to know more about your home country and will definitely be reading these posts in details when I can finally make a trip to Croatia. A friend of mine who’s also Croatian told me of it’s beauty so really look forward to visiting. Beautiful read.

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