30 random facts about me

in front of the Royal Courts of Justice in London last year

So I’ve noticed lately these all about me / 50 facts about me posts from several of my favourite bloggers and I’ve decided to give it a try too. I don’t often write about myself and since I’ve gained a lot of new readers/ subscribers I thought it might be fun to tell you more about me. If you’re interested, read on 🙂 If not, just skip this post until my next travel post 🙂

Here are some random facts about me:

  1. I’m a chocoholic. I love all sorts of chocolate, cakes, and sweets. The best ever? I’d probably do a Maths test quicker than answer that question
  2. I love dogs and cats but I guess I’m more of a cat person because I have a cat that treats me like his servant and I like it 🙂
  3. My first cat’s name was Timmy. I named him after the dog from the Famous Five books. My husband named our current cat after a board game (Munchkin).
  4. I’m totally crazy about London. I guess you knew that 🙂  I’ve visited London 11 times!
  5. I still buy postcards wherever I travel.
  6. I keep a travel journal too but I’ve neglected it a bit since I started this blog.
  7. My husband introduced me to the joys of playing board games. We’ve got a substantial collection of over 60  100 titles.
  8. I love reading books. I enjoy classics, detective stories, chick-lit, children’s books, fantasy, …but I rarely read SF books.
  9. I can’t drive. I’ve got a driving licence but I haven’t driven in ages. I think the roads are safer if I don’t drive.
  10. I rarely wear make up. I just can’t be bothered unless it’s a really special occasion.
  11. I often get compliments about my youthful looks (hopefully that’ll continue after I hit 40, I’m now 33).
  12. I love swimming and spending time at the beach.
  13. I like wearing red. I’ve got a red skirt, a red coat, red shoes, a red shirt…
  14. I can’t play a single instrument yet my dad’s a professional musician.
  15. I did ballet when I was a kid. Actually I’ve practiced it for 7 years.
  16. I studied History and English language and literature.
  17. I’ve worked in education and tourism.
  18. I lived in England briefly.
  19. I enjoy going to the cinema.
  20. I love Christmas markets.
  21. I speak Croatian, English and some French and Italian.
  22. My mum speaks Hungarian but she’s never taught me a word of it.
  23. I can’t imagine my life without travelling.
  24. I enjoy baking.
  25. The best thing I ever did while at uni was to join AEGEE.
  26. I don’t remember my first trip to Venice since I was only 4 or 5.
  27. I always buy souvenirs.
  28. I still find flying exhilarating.
  29. When I was living in England I discovered Walker’s salt & vinegar crisps. Best ever 🙂
  30. I’ve never really drunk much tea until I moved to England. Now I drink it as often as I can (except in summer when it’s really too hot for tea).

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28 thoughts

  1. That was interesting but I was expecting 50… I guess i was enjoying reading ur fun facts on self….. Me: yes cats, cant imagine not traveling, flying IS exhilarating, Red is a power color and really you cant drive…lol ur funny… thanks for the read.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well this was fun!

    I am definitely a cat person too, and animal lover in general.
    Cannot imagine my life without travel either.
    I am with you in the makeup, the color red, swimming and the beach.

    Numbers 14 and 22 are too funny. Blame it in them!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, we obviously have books and London in common. I don’t really wear makeup either. I love to bake. My kids love board games. Do you have any favorites? And I am definitely envious of your ability to speak multiple languages!

    Liked by 1 person

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