Life & blog update: April 2021

Dinosaurs in Croatia

Life & blog update: April 2021….was a month full of surprises. From crazy weather to dinosaurs and miserable Easter and new opportunities…..just like any other month really;) But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First things first, Easter. I’d hoped for family Easter celebration but of course c-word had to ruin it again. We were about to leave the house to go to my parents’ when my husband got a call from his boss letting him know that one of his colleagues was sick and probably had covid-19. Of course, we stayed at home. My husband got tested as soon as it was possible and luckily he was negative ( the colleague in question did get a positive test and had high temperature for a few days). We spent Easter alone but at least we were healthy. And it wasn’t all that bad, honestly. The kids enjoyed their chocolate Easter bunnies and were happy.

Then we went to see some dinosaurs and life seemed normal again. Better than normal actually. We’ve visited Dinopark, near Poreč in Istria and the kids loved it. We saw giant dinosaurs and went on adrenaline rides and petted bunnies and ate a huge lunch. As I always say, I’ll blog about it eventually ( and I always do, just give me a week or three months 🙂 ).

Did I tell you that story when it snowed in my seaside hometown in April? Well, it isn’t a story. It really snowed on a Tuesday, 6 April. Oh gosh, people actually went skiing after Easter. Can you believe that it was 20°C just a few days prior the snowy Tuesday?!

That wasn’t the only shock in April. We had another, let’s say, semi-lockdown, but not the entire country, just in my region. It didn’t affect my life that much and it’s only lasted for 2 weeks. Has it changed anything? Apparently it has, but since we have local city council and mayor’s election coming soon, who can really tell the real reason behind the lifting of the restrictions? Another shock was a pleasant surprise. A definite boost to my fragile ego. But I’ll write about that later.

We bought a bike for our son. He’s using the training wheels but I think he will be ready to ride the bike independely soon. And our daughter has taken up her brother’s kids scooter. She’s not even 2 yet and she already has to do everything on her own. NO is her favourite word at the moment. My girl is a proper chatterbox and she is equally wilful as her older brother. Parents always say I want my child to be strong, independent, determined etc. But then you don’t expect that that would also mean having to negotiate the diaper changing for hours as if you were the police hostage negotiator. The other day I came home from work and my son’s had a hair cut and he said something very adult like for a three and a half year old boy that I thought to myself…wait, when did he grow up so suddenly?

I have so many drafts for more interesting blog posts but …one day I’ll have more time/energy/inspiration. Right now my main focus is elsewhere. I appreciate your comments so much and I’m very grateful that I got my outstanding blogger award.

What about you? How was your April?

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Have a great May!



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11 thoughts

  1. Snow in April?? That’s crazy! Here the weather has been weird and cold again but luckily it didn’t snow! I’m very happy for you that everyone is doing great and is healthy in your family! Stay safe 😊

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  2. Crazy how you got snow in April, especially that south of the continent! My April was stagnant as I continued to work at the office…to be honest, I was starting to get burned out from work, since I had no paid holidays off (and won’t have one until the very end of May). But I also got my second (and final) COVID vaccine dose and spent my weekends trying out new food in town, so those were nice! Looking forward to what May brings you, Tanja…hopefully, some warm weather and beautiful flowers!

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  3. I loved your comment about wanting your kids to be independent, but always feeling like the negotiator in a battle of wills. Oh how true that is! Here’s hoping for a calmer, less Covid influenced, May for you 🙂

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