Life & blog update: March 2021

Omiš, Croatia, a little town near Split , spent an afternoon here during my work training

Life & blog update : March…was all about the new job. I’ve already told you in my last update how I spent two weeks in Split on a work training. I had some free time so I used that to take some photos and to climb the bell tower of Split’s cathedral for some gorgeous views. I’ve shared some photos from those 2 weeks in my most recent post 12 Photos to inspire You to visit Split. I hope to blog more about Split at some point in the next month or so.

The kids are fine, growing all the time. They are getting along nicely now. They can even team up against us already. We had some meet ups with friends and playdates for the kids. We’ve spent some time at the beach too. However, the kids are still getting used to the fact that their mum is not at home all the time anymore. I went back to work when my son was less than 1 year old but that was only part-time and then when my daughter was born I stayed at home for 14 months. I’m getting used to my new schedule and obligations too.

My best friend was supposed to come home for Easter but in the end she couldn’t come. I miss her terribly. I haven’t seen her since summer. Even though we talk all the time I feel like I’m loosing us, if I make any sense. I didn’t get to see her daughter as much as I’d wanted because they moved away. Worldwide pandemic is the main culprit for our separation since summer but….. actually, her life is just going in a different direction than mine since she’s moved abroad.

The covid-19 situation here has escalated and we have a large increase in the numbers again. But it seems like the only measure our government is taking is opening/closing gyms and restaurants. We are far from last spring’s complete lockdown. We all thought the virus would die out by the end of the year, and that 2020 was a sh**** year but 2021 is no better really. Some countries are really ahead of the rest of the world with their vaccinations but here it’s a tortoise race. If what’s going on in the world doesn’t scare you enough watch Years and Years.

I participated in a fun project in March by a fellow French blogger. I don’t know if she plans to continue her Vlog collaborations but make sure to check her interesting blog.

What about you? How was your March?

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Have a great April!



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12 thoughts

  1. I thought that the US had it REALLY bad last year with COVID (thanks to our ex-president, *ahem), but hearing from my friends in Europe (especially France), I see that it wasn’t any better abroad. I’m sorry to hear that the cases haven’t gone down despite lockdown. Vaccines have been available in the US for a couple of months now, and many of us have already been fully vaccinated; I don’t know if Croatia is getting their population vaccinated, but here’s hoping that the situation improves for you soon. Hang on to hope!

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  2. Sorry to hear the COVID situation isn’t improving with you. Here in the UK the vaccination programme is going well. I’ve had my first jab and hope for the second towards the end of this month. We’re easing out of lockdown very cautiously, with outdoor pubs and restaurants able to open from next Monday. Also next week, I’ll be able to get my hair cut and coloured for the first time since early December – hurray!!

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    1. good for you, hope you get your second jab soon. and yaay for the hair cut:) we are in the opposite situation, we are closing down now things again….


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