Travel Photo Challenge: Day 10

Welcome to Day 10 of Travel Photo Challenge. The challenge requires 10 mysterious photos so this is the last photo, last challenge. It was fun to post these photos and to reminiscence about my past trips. Day 9 was a photo from Berlin, Germany. That was our last international trip before covid-19 spread around the world. Our weekend trip to Berlin was in April 2019. It seems as if a century has passed since that trip and not just two years.

Who knows the location of the last mystery photo??The person who first guesses the exact location will receive a postcard from me from one of the places featured in this Travel Photo challenge. As you might already know, I collect postcards. Wherever I go, I buy a postcard. Therefore, I can send the winner a postcard (if they wish so, of course).

Guess away! Good luck!

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18 thoughts

  1. Well, you were right at the beginning of the challenge! There would be a few I’d recognise.. Another ‘B’ in Budapest. Nice to end the challenge on a bit of a streak and with three cities I’ve been to! It was fun following along 🙂

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