Travel Photo Challenge: Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of Travel Photo Challenge. There will be 10 mysterious photos, so 4 more to go. Last challenge was a photo from Oslo, Norway! We had a great weekend in Oslo years ago. Congratulations to all who guessed it right!

Let’s see whether you’ll be more or less successful with this photo below for day 6. The location will be revealed in the next travel photo challenge.

Guess away! Good luck!

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19 thoughts

  1. Is it wrong to admit that I jumped over to Insta to see the types of places you travel!?! CHEATER!!! I didn’t find the answer but the building makes me think France but warmer because if the trees. Stumped! Hope following on Insta makes up for peeking!!!

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    1. Good try, but all these photos are from trips before I opened my Insta account, but actually I did post some of these places on IG too, but you have to scroll down a lot😉

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