Travel Photo Challenge: Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of Travel Photo Challenge. There will be 10 mysterious photos, so 7 more to go. Last challenge was a photo from Lisbon, Portugal. Congratulations to all who guessed it right! Sarah and Matteo were the first who guessed correctly. I chose to post Lisbon photo on Valentine’s Day because we spent our honeymoon in Portugal.

Let’s see whether you’ll be more or less successful with this photo below for day 3. Guess away! The location will be revealed in the next travel photo challenge.

Good luck!

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43 thoughts

  1. I would say definitely Italy and I reckon northern Italy rather than south, but I don’t know which city/town. It’s not Bologna, not Lucca, not Pisa. I’ve not been to Sienna but I don’t think it’s there, nor San Gimignano (too few towers!), nor Florence. I’m running out of possibilities!

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