Travel Photo Challenge: Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of Travel Photo Challenge. There will be 10 mysterious photos, so 6 more to go. Last challenge was a photo from Florence, Italy! It’s a city I’ve visited many times. I was surprised that day 3 challenge turned out to be a tricky post to guess. Pedrol and Marion guessed it was somewhere in Italy but it was again Sarah who said Florence after a few guesses. Congratulations to all who guessed it right!

Let’s see whether you’ll be more or less successful with this photo below for day 4. Guess away! The location will be revealed in the next travel photo challenge. Good luck!

I’m trying to choose less obvious photos from the places I’ve visited. Perhaps, you’ve read my posts about them, perhaps you didn’t. It doesn’t matter. The first photo was the only photo that can’t be found on my blog. I chose photo of Split, Croatia as my Day 1 because that’s where I’m going today. I’ll be in Split for two weeks. Travel Photo Challenge will continue for the next couple of weeks though.

Click here for previous travel challenges day 1, day 2, day 3

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