Travel Photo Challenge: Day 8

Welcome to Day 8 of Travel Photo Challenge. There will be 10 mysterious photos, so 2 more to go. Last challenge was a photo from Stirling, Scotland.  We spent a week exploring Scotland ten years ago. It was such a great trip. Congratulations to all who guessed it right!

Let’s see whether you’ll be more or less successful with this photo below for day 8. The location will be revealed in the next travel photo challenge.

Guess away! Good luck!

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16 thoughts

  1. Way behind on my blog reading so only just seeing this.. My first guess would be Bruges though, it looks vaguely familiar so I’ve probably got a photo somewhere with these buildings in the shot haha.

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  2. I think not Amsterdam – the buildings are quite wide. Maybe Bruges???

    And I’m not surprised I didn’t guess the previous one as I’ve never been anywhere near Stirling and that bridge looks like many others you see all over the country!!

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