Goodness Spreading

Check out my video contribution for Vero’s Bloggers with a View initiative. I spent the last two weeks in Split, Croatia and my video clip shows people dancing on the sea promenade on a sunny Saturday. If you want to see previous videos, please go through Vero’s blog and find the videos from the past few months. Have a great week!

My French Chronicles

March 2021… We’ve made it! More or less one whole year of COVID!

As the world continues to grapple with coronavirus pandemic, some countries seem to have it under control (well done New Zealand, Australia, Singapore…). As far as France is concerned we’re still deep into restrictive measures and sinister perspectives!

But thanks to blogging and social media, I’ve managed to keep my window open to the world. The little videos we’ve put together with Bloggers With a View helped me greatly (keeping me busy with filming, editing, and interacting).

For the last vlog of this epic winter 2021, I wanted to focus on what’s good in our lives. I’ve asked our little community to show me what “goodness” meant these days.

I hope you’ll like the next 3 minutes. They are filled with snowy fun days, sunny coastal walks, plenty of outdoors happiness and also gratefulness for those who…

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6 thoughts

  1. What sunny weather it was in your video clip! For some reason, I’d mistaken it for somewhere in South America…goes to show that Croatia still has quite sunny, warm weather, despite it being winter. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks for great music, that’s you playing the piano, right? Well, some areas have snow, others like my hometown or Split in video are by the sea so no snowy winters for us

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