Life & blog update: May 2021

My kids 🙂

Life & blog update: May 2021…was a very busy month. It was work, work and more work. Honestly, there wasn’t much time for blogging or even vacuuming. In stead of doing housework weekends were spent outdoors with the kids. For example, the photo above was taken in Njivice, our summer home, in a way. 🙂

My son had his tonsillectomy; actually they removed just his third tonsil. He had to do a lot of tests before the surgery including a test against covid-19. I had to be tested too because I accompanied him to the hospital. I was with my son before and immediately after the surgery. He was a brave little soldier. My son was unusually calm for two days after the operation and he breathed strangely like Darth Varder. Then he recovered and became his usual running around the house self. Maybe we could have asked the doctors for a small dose of anesthesia for home use? Are here any boys’ mums? You know what I mean, I am sure. I hope that the operation was useful though. I don’t want to be in the hospital with any of my kids again.

In May we finally got to see some friends and relatives that we haven’t met since last summer. It was so nice to see them after such a long time. After all, babies grow fast and seeing a 2 months old baby and then that baby at almost 1 year of age is a big difference. We had a wonderful time at a cousin’s birthday too. And spent some time in a small village in Istria.

Big news: we bought a kitchen!!! I will have a brand new kitchen, new utensils, everything new. I am so looking forward to it. It probably won’t arrive before the end of the summer because it is a customized kitchen.

I need to give credit to my husband who had to spend more time with the kids than ever before because of my current work situation and who has managed to repaint almost all the doors in the house.

I participated in Thursday doors blog challenge. I do like to take photos of interesting, mostly old doors and I have seen so many Thursday doors blog posts so far that I’ve decided to join in. I won’t join every single Thursday but I will post more doors posts in the future (ps. might take a photo of my doors some day…we live in a very, very old house).

What about you? How was your May?

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Have a great June!



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11 thoughts

  1. May was also very intense for me in terms of work. I hope your sone is feeling better now, but for sure the operation must have been quite difficult for him. It is so great that you are getting a new kitchen, I find that having a clean and nice kitchen definitely makes cooking easier and more enjoyable for me! Hope you’ll hav a great month of June! 😊

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  2. May was a LONG month of work. But it was also a fun month, as I got my final COVID vaccine dose in late April and started hanging out with friends/going out to restaurants the following month, which was such a strange experience…I hope your son’s okay, and I hope things smooth out with work and stress for you come this June!

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  3. I’m so pleased your son made a speedy recovery from tonsillitis Tanya. It’s so much better to have to deal with these things when you are small although it probably doesn’t feel that way at the time. I caught chickenpox from my son when he was three and he hardly noticed whilstI I suffered badly for a couple of weeks! Great you’ve got a new kitchen to look forward to! Enjoy some sunny days. Marion x

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  4. Hi Tanya, I’m a 26 year old boy’s mum! He had his tonsils out when he was 21 I think. He said it was the worst possible experience ever. I felt so bad for him it was like he had a lobotomy! He had to take a semester off uni and suffered for a month. It’s good yours had his out early. We just recently visited him and his girlfriend in Melbourne where he lives now. Those two are our travelling buddies and we’ve been to many places with them.
    We had to quarantine for two weeks though and I haven’t seen my daughter and my 3 yr old grandson and 8 month old granddaughter for nearly a month. But I hope to a a couple of days. Have a good week.

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    1. thanks Alison. Yes, when they are little they recover quicker. I am sorry your son was so bad after the operation. I hope you all get to travel somewhere soon. I am sure you are looking forward to seeing your grandkids.


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