Life & blog update: June 2021

a part of Krk island as seen while driving over the Krk bridge

Life & blog update: June 2021 was an eventful month. Good things happened, but also some bad things. The big news is that I got my first jab and everything went well. I will receive the second dose of Pfizer vaccine this Friday. I hope I don’t get any serious side effects. Coincidence or not, but one of my best friends ended up in a hospital just a few days after her vaccination. I won’t say more but it was a very serious (and unexpected ) situation. Luckily, she’s on the mend now.

Being vaccinated means freedom to me. I’m looking forward to my EU Covid-19 passport. Contrary to what you might think this digital certificate isn’t just for travel. Frankly, I don’t even plan any trips at the moment apart from visiting my best friend the next year. My oldest and dearest friend finally came back to Croatia after a year. She couldn’t visit us because of coronavirus. The last time we were apart for such a long time was when she lived in Japan for a year when I was 11.

Our daughter got accepted to daycare. That’s almost like winning the lottery around here because there aren’t enough places for all the kids. I think she’ll do great at daycare. My kids are really enjoying their beach days. And what a difference a year makes. Last summer was very tiring and stressful with the kids running in opposite direction all the time but this summer they are actually playing together at the beach. Often people tell us how our kids are very much alike. Even though they share some of the less appealing traits ( such as their stubbornness) they are very different and I wonder how their characters will develop as they grow up.

We attended the Food Truck Festival. It was held in a park near Trsat Castle. I didn’t know what to expect really but the entire park was decorated with fairy lights and buntings. There were also a few cool photo points. As for the food, mmm…everything was exquisite but the portions were small and pricey. However, it was a very delicious experience.

I worked hard in June as well. At this point I’m counting the days until my holidays. I am super exhausted. September is like a shining beacon because then everything should get back to normal (or shall I say the new normal? and this has nothing to do with coronavirus but everything to do with my very complicated work situation). Anyways, I had to reward myself for all the extra work I did so I bought myself my all time favorite Clinique‘s eye cream.

I was inspired to blog about airplane views after reading Rebecca’s post on her favourite views from the airplane. That’s my modus operandi usually. If I don’t feel like writing I won’t write, even though I have a bunch of drafts. That’s why I still haven’t blogged about our spring visit to a dinosaurs theme park or my last years’ (un)romantic weekend.

What about you? How was your June?

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Have a great July!



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15 thoughts

  1. Australia is way behind on the Covid vaccinating bandwagon but it is good to hear things are moving forward in Europe. It all helps.
    The last month I’ve been writing lots – articles for two magazines and doing some classes on art and genealogy.
    Congrats on getting your daughter into daycare. Hopefully you may get a moment to relax here and there when you are not at work, even though being a Mum means you are always busy.
    Take care, Tanya.

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      1. Thank you, Tanya. Even though there is lots to do, like you’re looking forward to a more relaxed schedule, I am also enjoying swapping my intensive job for semi retirement! Enjoy the quieter times, Tanja and savour those moments where you don’t have to do anything immediately!

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  2. Congrats on getting your COVID vaccines– join the club! Thanks for the shoutout about my airplane post; I’m glad it inspired you. Hope things continue to look up for you as we continue to fight against COVID-19 (and its variants)!

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