Life & blog update: July 2021

beach time at Krk island, Croatia

Life & blog update: July 2021 was ……an intensive month. I think I need a year long holiday to recover from this year. I am working hard (too much) but it should all pay off eventually. However, I did manage to spend some time with my dearest friends. There were also a couple of board game nights.

My hubby had a birthday and we had a low key birthday party. The kids always blow out the candles no matter whose birthday we are celebrating. Speaking of birthdays I was so happy when my son got invited to his first birthday party at the playroom. On the other hand, he didn’t want to go and cried while my daughter screamed because she wanted to go with him ( but she couldn’t go because it was just for the kids from my son’s daycare group). In the end, my son had lots of fun.

This year marks our seventh wedding anniversary and we have also celebrated ten years of our relationship. Last two years weren’t easy for us with the two young kids and the whole coronavirus situation. So, I’m really excited about our mini spa break soon. Can you believe that we’ve never been on a spa break? We prefer to pick a new city and explore it. Lounging by the pool isn’t really our style but we need that now (and we soooo deserve it!).

I am now fully vaccinated. Yay! Luckily, I didn’t have any side effects besides the pain in my arm. I got my vaccination certificate too so I hope to go to Germany later this year or early next year to visit my best friend. I’ve even checked out some flights, first time in over a year and a half that I did that.

Since it is summer we spend the weekends mainly on island Krk. Kids love it! Swimming, walking by the sea, eating lots of ice-cream and spending time at the kids’ playground. We also attended the Ice-Cream Festival which was a huge disappointment to us adults. Kids were oblivious to our disappointment and enjoyed themselves as they usually do. The biggest excitement for them this summer was the funfair. They enjoyed several rides. We are taking them to Gardaland in Italy in a few years for sure. They will love the big roller-coasters.

I am looking forward to my holidays soon……

What about you? How was your July?

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Have a great August!



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  1. It’s always traumatic going to a party the first time, hope he gets invited to many more. Enjoy your spa break. My July has been cold windy and very wet here in Perth Western Australia. We did have a mini break to have a look at the country towns and some ver impressive gold mines! I would love to visit your idyllic island one day.

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  2. Yay, you’re fully vaxxed! Welcome to the club. July looked to be a fun one for you; I also had a pretty-busy July, with plenty of traveling within my home state, including an extended weekend in the wine country. Also a lot of changes to my work office, but it’s more-or-less stabilized. Can’t wait to see where August takes you!

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      1. The post on the wine country probably won’t be out until next year, as I’m trying to preserve the travel posts for this blog. But it’ll come sooner than you know it!

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