My Best Food Memories for Travel Linkup

Sacher cake
Sacher cake in Vienna, Austria

I am a desserts kind of a woman. Give me cake anytime, anywhere and I’ll eat it gladly. I am not an adventurous eater and I have not tried every local dish on my travels. However, I did my best to try as many local sweet dishes as I could. I had local cakes, gelato, chocolates, pastries…, you name it, I’ve probably eaten it. 🙂

Over the years I have had the pleasure of eating in many lovely patisseries and cafés and restaurants during my travels. I have also sampled sweet delicacies at the local food markets. Moreover, I often bought local chocolates and snacks in the supermarkets too (e.g. that one time when I tried to smuggle Speculoos spread from Belgium in hand luggage completely oblivious that that food was considered as liquids and couldn’t be transported in hand luggage).

What are my best food memories? Tough question. But here’s a selection of some of my best food memories for this month’s travel linkup.

Sacher cake

The original Sacher-Torte was first made in 1832 in Vienna. Did you know that? Austria is famous for many cakes but a slice of Sacher cake from Café Sacher at the Hotel Sacher is a very special treat. After many visits to Vienna I finally got lucky and tried the infamous Sacher cake. It was well worth the wait in the long queue in front of the cafe’s entrance in the cold December night.

Pasteis de Belem

My honeymoon was no exception from the rule. I always need to try the local sweet specialty. After exploring everything around Belem my husband and I went to the oldest cake shop in Lisbon, Antiga Confeitaria de Belem to try the original Pasteis de Belem (also known as pastéis de nata ). It was very tasty and those light egg custard tarts are one of the reasons I want to go back to Portugal.

Belgian pralines

Belgium is a chocoholic’s heaven. Who doesn’t like Belgian chocolate pralines ? To be frank, I wasn’t very impressed by Brussels as a city but I enjoyed very much a walk on the square Place du Grand Sablon where you can find all the famous Belgian chocolatiers such as Godiva, Leonidas, Neuhaus, Pierre Marcolini, Wittamer etc. However, all these chocolate shops are quite pricey. Bruges was a great day trip where I bought some fine but inexpensive Belgian pralines as an edible souvenir.

I finally bought some Belgian pralines!

Afternoon Tea

One of my best food memories has to be the Afternoon tea in London with my best friend. The afternoon tea is a special British ceremony. You enjoy in the exquisite tea, in the delicate finger sandwiches and in the delicious cakes. But you also revel in the beautiful surroundings and the general atmosphere of the place where you have your afternoon tea. I’ve had several afternoon teas in England but my most special afternoon tea experience was in London with my best friend at Hotel Sofitel London St James.

Some of my other best food memories include Christmas markets in Vienna, an entire day dedicated to café-crawling and cake eating in Trieste, fancy cakes in Paris etc. You can also check my old post here about my favourite desserts in Europe. I want to make some new food memories on my travels. Hopefully, we will all be able to travel again….

This post is written for July’s 2021 travel link up hosted by Adventures of a London KiwiSilverSpoon LondonBinnys Food and Travel Diaries and  Teresa at Brogan Abroad.

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  1. Hey Tanya you had my mouth watering reading this post. The day in Trieste is just my style but I also like the sound of British afternoon teas. Morning tea is an art form here at my home! Lol. I’ve been espousing the virtues of a new tea supplier I found with biodegradable bags over on my blog.
    As for Sacher torte- it was my go to for a special occasion cake. Love it. Having it in Vienna must have been special?

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  2. Oh my, I love your selection of desserts Tanja! Although I don’t often have an afternoon tea, it’s such a special occasion isn’t it? I have always wanted to travel to the Hotel Sacher and that torte looks amazing! Thanks for wonderfully sweet post Tanja!

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  3. I’m less of a desserts person but I find I’ve become a little more so in recent years – maybe my tastes are changing or maybe desserts are getting nicer! I do love Pasteis de Belem in particular – I’ve been to that original place twice and they’re perhaps the best, but we can get good ones in London now thanks to some Portuguese pastry chefs based here 🙂

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      1. It misses you! Everywhere is so unnaturally quiet. In some ways that’s quite pleasant for us locals but it just doesn’t feel right, and it’s so difficult for all the businesses that rely on tourists and foreign visitors 😦

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