A few memorable airplane views

flying over England….

Airplanes. Travelling. Two words that send the shivers down my spine. Shivers of joy and excitement. When will I fly again to a new destination? I don’t know. Until then, I can only relive the trips I took in my mind (or check my blog). I love flying and I love everything about the airports. I rarely take a photo from the airplane during the takeoff or landing because I don’t have a great camera. However, I’ve managed to take a few rather beautiful photos of airplane views on my past trips. They are listed below in chronological order from the latest to the earliest.

A few memorable airplane views

  1. The view of Berlin, weekend trip to Berlin 2019

Berlin was our last trip abroad before the Covid-19 spread around the world. My first time in Germany was also our first trip without our son. However, that city break was also a babymoon trip because I was pregnant with my daughter. I believe my husband took this photo.

Berlin from the air

2. Sweden from the air, trip to Stockholm 2016

We had so much fun exploring Stockholm. It is a city I’d gladly revisit anytime.

Flying to Stockholm Skavsta airport

3. Norway from the air, Oslo trip 2014

A very surprising view of Norway’s islands as the airplane was descending and approaching Oslo. We liked Oslo very much.

Norway from the air

4. On the way to our honeymoon, Portugal trip 2014

Now, this is a bit tricky. I took this photo on our flight to Lisbon. But whether what you see below is a coastline of Spain or Portugal…. I don’t know really. Anyway, our honeymoon trip was our first and last time (so far) that we flew with a national airline (TAP Portugal). We usually use budget airlines and I’ve never flown with my country’s national airline because it is ridiculously expensive.

5. England…., trips to London….

I took many photos of England from the air over the years. I flew to Gatwick, Luton and Stansted airports. I’ve also flown from London to Edinburgh. Stansted airport is my favourite airport in the whole wide world. Not because it’s particularly beautiful or super functional but because it was the airport where I landed the first time I visited London.

England from the air, near Stansted airport

Last but not the least, the view of my hometown, 2011

This photo was taken on my first flight to London from my hometown. I first flew to London in 2006. But until 2011 I had to fly from other cities from Croatia to London or from Italy because those were the only options.

the view of my hometown

I hope you’ve enjoyed my airplane views.

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely going to try to take a photo from the airplane on my next trip. I’m so looking forward to it. Who knows where the next plane will take me and what (mis) adventures I’ll share with you?

How about you? Do you have any memorable airplane views to share?

I was inspired to write this blog post by Rebecca and her post about airplane views.

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16 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Love seeing your airplane views from all over Europe. The ones in Scandinavia are particularly lovely, and seeing them from a bird’s-eye view offers a different perspective of the Nordic north! I appreciate you sharing your experiences. 🙂

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  2. Great selection of views from a plane 🙂 I always try to get a window seat on day-time flights, partly because I love taking photos on take-off and landing (and sometimes mid-flight, if the cloud formations are interesting, or the sun rises or sets!) Funnily enough I have an album sorted ready to do a post on these lines one day – I’ll try to remember to link back to this when I do, so we can compare notes 😆

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  3. Beautiful photo’s – love that one over Stockholm!
    Surprisingly, we have not really taken many photo’s from a plane. I do remember trying to take one from Egypt to Hurghada on a scuba diving holiday (also the last holiday before Covid strike) … it was amazing to see the desert on one side and the turquoise Red Sea on the other, but the window was so dirty, so it was not really successful 😔.

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