Outstanding Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Outstanding Blogger Award by Pedro from World Wide PedroL in February. Thank you Pedro for your kind nomination. My dear readers, make sure to check Pedro’s blog because he has a lot of very interesting travel stories from all around the world.

Without further ado, here are my answers to Pedro’s questions:

What would you say about yourself that can be surprising? I have a driver’s license but I don’t drive. I did drive for a short while but I was very insecure so I just stopped.

Where do you live and what are your 3 favorite things about this place? I live in Rijeka, Croatia. My favourite 3 things about my hometown: its geographical position, its history and its spirit. Let me explain a bit more. My hometown is by the sea but there are also mountains and forests nearby. Moreover, I can take day trips to both Slovenia and Italy. My hometown has a very interesting and turbulent history too. And I like the free spirit of my town.

If it wasn’t the pandemic and you could be abroad, where would you be at this moment and why? To be honest I’d still be at home because I’ve only recently started a new job so I can’t have any vacation days just yet. But the first destination I’d really love to travel to is Germany. I’d like to see where my best friend lives now. And then I’d go to London, hopefully with her 🙂

Either on blogging or arts or maths, what are your biggest inspirations and how do they inspire you? I will share with you my blogging inspirations. Emma is one of my earliest blogging inspirations for sure. I also quite like A lady in London’s posts. Their posts gave me some of the ideas for the sightseeing on my last London trip.

What are your tips to have a successful blog? Well, I actually wrote a blog post about tips for first-time bloggers. Whether you’ll have a successful blog or not if you follow them….. I don’t know. Maybe 🙂

What are you goals for this year and how do you imagine yourself in a decade? Goals for this year…well, I got a new job so that’s a pretty big achievement. It’d be lovely to visit my best friend. And that’s it really. I don’t have any other goals for this year. 2021 is much better than 2020 but we are all still crippled by this worldwide pandemic. I have absolutely no idea about how my life should look like in a decade. My kids are going to be older and that’s it.

If you had the chance, what would you ask about me? (and I promise to answer in a future post! ahah) Hey Pedro, how are you? Ok, my real question is this: If you could visit Croatia again, where would you go?

Thank you again Pedro for your nomination and your questions.

For those of you who are up for participating, here are the rules: provide a link to the creator’s original award post; answer the questions provided; create 7 unique questions; nominate up to 10 bloggers; ensure that they are aware of their nomination.

Here’s my list of nominations:

I wanted to nominate more bloggers but then I saw that they have already published their outstanding blogger award posts (e.g Rebecca and Andy and Juliette). Please feel free to answer my questions even if your name isn’t on this list.

The Snow Melts Somewhere

My Dear Italia

Louise Jayne’s Blog

Travel with me

Love travelling blog

Le coin des Bobby

The Sandy Chronicles

My French Chronicles

My questions:

Why did you start blogging?

What souvenirs do you buy on your travels?

Name your top 5 cities that you’ve visited

What’s the best dessert you’ve ever had on your travels?

Have you ever travelled somewhere by boat? (ferries, cruise ships, river boats etc.)

Do you have a favourite travel movie/book?

What are you looking forward to when the lockdown/covid-19 restrictions in your country finish?

It’s up to you now. I can’t wait to read your answers.



27 thoughts

  1. Congrats on your nomination and thank you again for mine! I don’t think I’ll be taking part though – you’re pretty much the only blogger I interact regularly with! 😀

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  2. Thanks, sweetie, for the nomination! ❤ I'll definitely do a post on this! Maybe with a twist, though 😉 I also like seeing who else you nominated and I'm definitely clicking to check out the blogs I didn't know from before! 🙂
    (Ps. I too have a driver's license but don't drive! Funny coincidence!)

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  3. Congratulations, Tanja! Thanks for thinking of me, even if you didn’t nominate me– to be honest, I’ve already been nominated 5(!) times by other bloggers and will be putting out those posts in the upcoming months. So it’s totally fine you didn’t nominate me. I’ll answer your questions in this comment:

    1. Why did you start blogging? I’ve always loved writing since I was young, through journaling and writing stories/poetry. I decided to start blogging as means of putting my works out there, as a result.

    2. What souvenirs do you buy on your travels? Typically postcards and magnets. If there’s a specialty of the country (e.g. spa cups from Karlovy Vary, silk-embroidered pillows from China…), I’ll buy those for family and friends to take home.

    3. Name your top 5 cities that you’ve visited. 1) Lisbon, 2) Toulouse, 3) Taipei, 4) Seattle, 5) Munich.

    4. What’s the best dessert you’ve ever had on your travels? I have too many, but fresh baklava from Turkey comes first to mind.

    5. Have you ever travelled somewhere by boat? (ferries, cruise ships, river boats etc.). Yes!

    6. Do you have a favourite travel movie/book? One of my favorite travel films is the “Before Sunrise” series, and my favorite travel book is “Almost French” by Sarah Turnbull.

    7. What are you looking forward to when the lockdown/covid-19 restrictions in your country finish? Travel, obviously! I’d love to venture out internationally to Southeast Asia, especially countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

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    1. Hey,thanks for your answers.I buy postcards and fridge magnets too,occasionally something else too.oh,wevhave baklava here too.the Bosnian version.it is not the same as Turkish but it is very similar.I love Before Sunrise films,saw all 3.

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  4. Congratulations 😀 And thanks for thinking of me in your own nominations! I’ll do my best to live up to the nomination and answer your questions but it may be next week before I can do so!

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