Life & blog update: March 2022

Life & blog update: March 2022
at the island Krk

Life & blog update: March 2022 was another difficult month. I really need a stress free April.

So, March started off well. My son joined a kid’s football club. He enjoys his football practice and seems to take the coach and training very seriously. He has football practice three times per week which is a lot in my opinion. I had a meeting with my daughter’s daycare teachers and I was very pleased to hear all the nice things they had to say about her. I am glad she’s thriving in her group. She’ll join her brother in September in the older group.

March was very wintery in the beginning. So much so, that we spent a day at a local ski resort again. Kids loved sledding like last time and we saw a snowboard competition too. To add to the winter’s theme my kids built a gingerbread house. Of course, dad was the main builder but they loved adding candies and sweets to the gingerbread house. I only made the icing sugar to glue it all together since we got the house in pieces.

We had a couple of board game nights and walks by the sea and then everything changed in the middle of the month. After two years of somehow dodging covid-19 bullet we succumbed to it. My husband got sick first and then after 5 days I got sick too. Our daughter tested positive as well while our son remained negative on several tests. It was awful. To add insult to the injury we now cannot go to Malta. I booked the flights a couple of days before we got sick and now we can’t go because our covid certificate expires in April and the Maltese authorities don’t accept double vaccination plus recovery certificate. We’d need a booster which now we can’t get before the trip. I am going back to work tomorrow but I feel so exhausted.

We went for a walk by the sea (the photo above) after our isolation finished and saw that spring has finally appeared. It was 20 °C but after some sunshine and a bit of walking I felt like I ‘d ran a marathon. Post covid recovery is going to be a very long recovery, it seems.

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How are you all ?

Happy April!



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26 thoughts

  1. So sorry to read that you caught Covid and had to cancel your trip to Malta! From what I’ve heard the recovery can indeed be very long, so I hope you’ll have time to rest and relax in April! Take care!

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  2. Ugh sorry you’re having a hard time this winter/spring Tanja! I can commiserate on the COVID front. As you know Dan and I both got COVID in January during his visit… we had to cancel our trip to Florida and everything fun we had planned. It took weeks for me to get back my energy and 2 months for my sense of smell to return (only in the last week or so). I’m glad you guys are all okay and nobody ended up seriously sick in the hospital, but I can totally relate to how frustrated you still must feel. The only good thing to come out of it is the immunity boost… 😦

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  3. so sorry to hear you had to cancel your trip to Malta. How long do you have to wait for your booster? I had mine about three weeks after covid, maybe 4. i needed it to continue work, although at the last minute they extended the deadline by a month, which was all a bit silly. Sorry to hear what you’ve been through Covid can be a nightmare and it is more than just the illness as you experienced

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    1. Really?so soon?here it is 4 months!!it was difficult with the kids being stuck inside all the time,and being sick and even though I’m back at work I am far from being well.and have a problem with my wisdom tooth now,need a surgeon to remove it and some other issues too.😔


  4. What unfortunate timing with COVID and travel! I hope the symptoms were at least relatively-mild, especially since it appears your family are all double vaccinated. Malta will always be around to book another trip another time– recovery is more important! Wishing you a better April.

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  5. I’m sorry to read that Covid got you after so long free of it. It’s a thing I’m hearing more and more from people – ‘I dodged it for two years but now …’ So far my husband and I have stayed free of it but I’m starting to think it’s only a matter of time. And what a shame to have to miss your trip, such poor timing 😦 I hope all all make a good recovery and get to go away somewhere soon!

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  6. So sorry about missing out on Malta and that Covid hit the family. Wishing you all a good recovery and that you can make that trip to Malta when you’re all feeling better. Love the picture of the flower arch with the sea behind, so pretty!

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  7. I am so sorry you all were sick but glad to hear you are recovering. It is such a pity about your trip. I hope you are able to make new plans soon.

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