Life & blog update: February 2022

Ferris wheel in my hometown

Life & blog update: February 2022…was a difficult month. Work was totally hectic. I felt overworked and tired. On top of that I experienced a real health scare and went to the ER. Luckily, it was just a false alarm. I am all right now. However, I got referred to some examinations.

My kids were barely for a week at daycare together when one of them was sent again to self-isolation because of a contact with covid-19 positive person. In the past two months they spent more time at home than at daycare. I took them for a ride on the Ferris wheel. They liked it. I’m taking them on the London Eye when they get a bit older. My son already asks when are we going to London when he sees an airplane in the sky (that’s because I have mentioned to him a few thousands times how mummy likes London and how she’ll take them there one day). The Ferris wheel in our hometown was there just during the carnival season. The large international carnival parade was postponed till June (it was completely cancelled last year).

We finished renovating our living room. The final bookcase arrived but it was overtaken (again!) by my husband’s huge board games collection. I really enjoy our new beautiful living room and kitchen.

Published posts in February

My husband and I went to the cinema to see Death on the Nile. I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie’s books. In other news, I’ve started going to Zumba classes and I really enjoy it. I used to go to Zumba classes years ago so it wasn’t a novelty for me. I like its combination of dance moves and exercise and general good vibe. It is much better than my exercise class last autumn which I quit after two months because it was boring and too difficult for me.

Then we all heard the news about the war in Ukraine at the end of the month. Honestly, my whole body trembled for a few seconds when I heard the news on the radio while working. I am shocked. My heart goes out to all the people in Ukraine. War is horrible. There should be no wars in this world!!

I was a child when the war raged in Croatia less than 30 years ago. But I was lucky that my hometown wasn’t on the war front. We all felt consequences though. Naturally, I am very worried about my kids future but I can’t be anxious all the time about the state of the world so I go to work and play with my kids and hope for the best.

How are you all holding up?

Happy March!



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  1. i feel ya. yeah even here in australia the war is everywhere on the news. I dont know what will come of it. The world right now is a scary place. Hope you are your family stay safe. Let’s hope that sooner rather than later there is a diplomatic solution.

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  2. Likewise, February was a hectic month for me. I think it’s because it’s a shorter month (only 28 days) that work felt more compact and intense. The situation in Ukraine isn’t good at all, and we’ll have to see what happens in the upcoming weeks and months with everything going on. Here’s to *hopefully* a better March!

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