Friendly Friday Challenge: What was the last good…?

Friendly Friday Challenge: What was the last good…? is the latest prompt from Sandy. It seems like an easy challenge but it took me some time to think of a few good things in this flood of bad news. I won’t dwell on the state of the world in this post because the idea behind this challenge is to cheer us up and to make us think of all the good things that we are grateful for. So, I’m going to use some of Sandy’s prompts and add some more. Please, feel free to join in this challenge using our prompts or make your own. 🙂

What was the last good… thing I ate?

My husband’s pizza. Really! Last night my husband made a pizza again. He has learnt how to make a pizza in 2020 during the first lockdown when he was away from work. He makes it from scratch! The dough and everything. It is really delicious.

What was the last good… show I watched?

And Just Like That.…the sequel to the notorious Sex and the City TV series. There were plenty of sexist and misogynist and ageist remarks about the new episodes and how the main actresses look really old. They are not 30 anymore! Of course, they look older, it is called aging! Anyway, I liked the episodes and to see these characters in another period of life.

What was the last good… board game I played?

our big board game collection

We often play board games. We have a really big collection of board games. We are slowly introducing our 4 year old son to the wonderful world of board games. So, what was the last good board game I played? Bunny kingdom! I actually bought this game for my husband as a Christmas gift. He was pleasantly surprised by it and all our gaming friends like it so I am very pleased with myself!

What was the last good… film I watched?

Death on the Nile.…We watched it at the cinema. Yes! I love Agatha Christie’s books and the movies based on her works. I enjoyed this film even though no actor can match Hercule Poirot played by Sir David Suchet.

What was the last good… book I read?

The secret Cove in Croatia by Julie Caplin. I am currently reading this book. It is an easy to read, fun book with a love story set in Croatia. It is very interesting to see some parts of Croatia through foreigners’ eyes and to read about some of the things that we take for granted but are regarded as pure luxury by others (e.g home-made virgin olive oil, many families have olive trees and produce their own olive oil).

What was the last good… trip I took?

in Germany last year

I visited my best friend in Düsseldorf, Germany last November. I shared a few snippets from that trip such as a post about flying or my day trip to the Dutch town of Venlo or two posts full of beautiful doors. I’ll blog more about it.

Share your last good things on Sandy’s blog until March 10th.

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21 thoughts

  1. Hey Tanja, This is such a wonderful way to keep up the positivity. Pizza sounds so yum. I loved the board game shelf, totally inspiring. David Suchet plays Poirot so well, I so reluctant to watch Death on Nile. But will take your word for it . Will check it out.

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  2. Wow, so many board games! My family were very keen on them when we were kids, and I always got a new one for Christmas, but my husband isn’t keen so I don’t get to play so much these days.

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  3. You were definitely not kidding when you were talking about your big board game collection 😄. It’s great to have such a fun activity that can be shared between family members (I’m sure your little boy will enjoy this just as much as you guys do)!

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  4. Pizza is delicious, but it’s even more delicious when made from scratch! Kudos to your husband for being such an excellent chef! Despite the bad events going on currently, it’s good to step back, clear your mind, and try to enjoy the small things that make your day. Hope you take care of yourself!

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  5. Thank you Tanja for sharing a grand set of items. Homemade pizza is something my family loves too. I like a thick airy crust that’s topped with cheese & veg. Everyone else likes anchovies, so I push that all to their side of the pie 🙂 Hmm. Maybe that’s what I’ll plan for dinner this week. A book & movie are good companions to pizza, so I will check those out too!

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