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My favourite desserts around Europe (#Travellinkup)

Austrian apple strudel

in Vienna, Dec 2015

First of all, I’d like to say how happy I am to be this month’s co-host of travel link up with Emma, Angie and Jessi!

I love food but I’m no foodie or a gourmand. I prefer simple but delicious meals. Not being very adventurous when it comes to trying out local delicacies means that I probably have missed out on a few great experiences but as I grew old(er) I began to taste more different foods. Living & working in England eight years ago has actually helped me to be more open towards new & unusual foods. I became a big fan of afternoon tea tradition and English breakfast while I was in England. I also tried curry for the first time and many other traditional English dishes such as Yorkshire pudding (and my favourite revelation of them all: salt &vinegar crisps). However, I have a sweet tooth and I do try out all possible desserts wherever I go! After all, I am a big chocoholic!

So, what would be my most interesting/meaningful food experience?

 I have tried a few meals that are not to everyone’s taste (even if it was just a mouthful). For example, I ate a snail in Brussels and I had haggis in Scotland 🙂 But I’ve pretty much tried all the national desserts wherever I travelled. So my most interesting food experiences have to be dessert related.

So, let’s just name my favourite desserts around Europe (in no particular order):

Sacher cake (or any cake as a matter of fact ) in Austria

I do love French desserts but if you want a delicious cake that will satisfy your hunger go to Austria!  I love all sorts of Austrian cakes from apfel strudel to Esterházytorte to original Sacher cake. Last December I finally had the one and only Sacher cake at Hotel Sacher in Vienna. It was a wonderful experience worth the wait of around half an hour in the cold!

Sacher cake in Vienna

Sacher Cake and Sacher tea

Afternoon tea in England

I love everything about this old tradition: the food, the atmosphere of tea rooms, the exquisite porcelain mugs. Tasty finger sandwiches, delectable scones, a delicious cake and of course tea make up this wonderful afternoon affair! I had proper afternoon tea in London just once but it was such a gorgeous experience! I also had a very lovely but unpretentious afternoon tea in Jane Austen’s center in Bath and in Harriet’s in Bury St Edmunds.

afternoon tea in London

at Sofitel St James hotel, London 2013

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How many times have YOU visited London?


I’ve visited London 10 times, 10 trips! So, my upcoming trip in May will be my 11th visit to the best city in the world-London. You must think I’m crazy, but I call that love (or obsession). I could have visited so many other cities instead of spending my money to go to the same place again and again (and as you know London’s not cheap). But what can I say? I really believe in Doctor Samuel Johnson’s words: “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford “.

 10 trips to London, but out of those 10, there were a couple of weekend trips and two 4-5 days trips and 4 day trips. It all began with my first visit (actually it all began way way back when I was a child and just dreamt about visiting London ).My best friend ( and my maid of honour) and I spend 5 wonderful days (from 28th Dec 2006 to 02 Jan 2007) exploring London. One of the things we did was to find the bookstore from the movie Notting Hill :). Naturally we did all the usual tourist stuff: visited the Tower of London, visited the Westminster Abbey, crossed the Tower Bridge, took million of photos of Big Ben, saw the Buckingham palace and St.Paul’s cathedral and so on and so on. We also went to the Ice-bar and to the Sherlock Holmes museum as well as walked through the Leadenhall Market and gawped at the ancient monuments in the British Museum. Furthermore, we visited the Harrods and chased some squirrels in the Kensington gardens (not really, they came to us freely). 🙂 But after that trip we decided that we have to do it all over again-another trip to London was already on our minds.

London:the bookstore from the movie Notting Hill, 2006

London:the bookstore from the movie Notting Hill, 2006

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