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What To See And Do While In France

Paris as seen from the Eiffel tower

If you’re planning a trip around France, there are a lot of things that will tickle your taste buds and manipulate your mind. The country is known for its incredible amount of history, art, and architecture, as well as its Michelin star restaurants and of course – the wine. But if you don’t know where the best-hidden gems are, here’s a list of what you need to look out for while you’re away.


Probably one of the most famous capitals in the world, Paris is an iconic place to visit if you know you’re going to be in France. It’s known for being the city of love, romance and of course, fashion. You can go and stand right in front of the oh so famous Eiffel Tower, or if you’re brave enough, take a ride all the way to the top so you can capture that perfect selfie. Then cycle along the Seine – or better yet, cruise down it on a bateau to get the whole experience. You can finish off your afternoon by having an espresso at the many different cafes on the strip and people watch until you get hungry.

Paris, France


This is a city in France, about five hours away from Paris, and is, in fact, the biggest in Rhone-Alpes. Lyon is famous for its historical landmarks that were created hundreds of years ago and still stand strong to this day. It was known on the lips of the workers as being one of the most productive cities for weaving silk, which was a rather big deal back in the day, and now the attention has been put onto their reputation for gastronomy in France.


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Paris is on my mind

I wanted to publish this post yesterday but I didn’t finish with my photo selection so I thought I’d do it the next day.But the world changed in the meantime.I woke up this morning and heard the terrible news about terrorists’ attacks in Paris. My thoughts are with people of Paris&France.

I’ve visited Paris a life-time ago. I was only 24  then, single and full of hope for my bright future. My best friend M. and I spent a wonderful week in the city of lights. Unlike with London I didn’t have any ideas about Paris and I didn’t expect much from this tourist trap. However, at the end of that week I was in love. With Paris, of course 🙂


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