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How NOT to travel to Madrid



It makes perfect sense to go to Madrid via London, doesn’t it? Well, that was what we thought. My BFF had a return ticket to London that she had to use by the end of the year. So, while we were planning our New Year’s trip to Madrid (2009/2010) we decided to spend a day in London and then fly from there to Madrid. A piece of cake, right? We are both crazy about London so the plan sounded awesome. I bought my ticket for London and we met there since I flew in from Trieste and she had a ticket from another city. My flight was delayed then I didn’t meet someone who I was supposed to see and then I had problems with buying a tube ticket. At that point I was getting really frustrated but when I saw my BFF waiting for me at our tube station I was happy.

We were in London again. She has already checked-in in our hotel in Bayswater so when I came I just left my suitcase in the room and we were off to wander around our favourite part of London. Bayswater may be a tad touristy with its abundance of souvenir shops but it has some cool pubs and it’s really near the Notting Hill and the Kensington gardens. We had a drink in our favorite pub Prince Alfred and then went clubbing. We returned by night bus but of course missed our stop so we had to walk  at 3.30 am through some unknown streets.

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