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The festive season in Nice (France)

I’ve been in Nice (France) for New Year’s a couple of times. You might not associate beach and the palm trees with Christmas spirit but Nice has it in abundance. The biggest city at the French Riviera likes to show off a bit in the winter time which means that you can enjoy the festive decorations and the Christmas Markets as much as you can in traditionally more Christmassy destinations (e.g Austria &Germany ). But in a milder weather 🙂

This year I visited the Christmas markets in Vienna, but last year and the year before that I spent a couple of days in Nice just around New Year’s. I really love Nice and it’s my favourite town at the French Riviera and I’ve been lucky to see it in different seasons. The main venue for all things festive is of course the main square Place Massena. You’ll find a giant Ferris wheel there as well as a Christmas market. You can drink vin chaud (mulled wine) or eat pancakes&waffles or choose some other sweet or savory snack to nibble on while you browse the goods at the Christmas stalls. Everything is beautifully decorated and lit so you have to take a stroll in the evening to fully appreciate the festive lights. Another festively decorated square is the Garibaldi square. All the palm trees along the Promenade des Anglais are festooned with Christmas lights too. The Old Town under the Colline du Château and the streets around the Cathedral look very Christmassy and are as usually full of people. The main shopping street Avenue de Jean Medecin prides itself with exquisite lighting and nicely decorated shops’ displays.

But unlike in Austria or Germany in Nice you can almost have a picnic at the beach if it’s not too cold 🙂 And you can ice-skate too 🙂

So, enjoy the photos of the festive season in Nice (they are not from this year but from the previous years).

window display

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My Advent Calendar story

When I was a child Christmas wasn’t that big of a deal in my family. Yes, we put up the Christmas tree and my mum baked a lot of cakes but somehow it was my birthday that stole the show or the fact that I got presents for St.Nicholas Day (6th December). Yes, I was born in the week before Christmas so I rarely got double presents (it was usually just birthday gifts and not birthday and Christmas presents). However, I always got sweets&chocolates for St.Nicholas Day. And a decorative twig (rod) from Krampus so that I continue to behave well.

Things have changed since my childhood and now I get double presents (for my birthday and for Christmas but not anymore for St.Nicholas Day ). I have always wanted a chocolate Advent calendar but I got it maybe once or twice when I was a child and then I became a teenager and I didn’t want to be bothered anymore with those childish Christmas traditions. So, when I finally moved out I bought myself a simple, cheap milk chocolate Advent calendar. I was pleased as punch with myself!I waited anxiously for the first of December to arrive so that I could open the first window on my advent calendar and eat the first chocolate. When I felt especially magnanimous I shared the chocolate with my boyfriend. But that wasn’t very often :). Anyway, it requires a certain strength of the character to open one window /chocolate at the time for 24 days, don’t you think so?

mug from last year's Christmas market in Vienna, Austria

mug from last year’s Christmas market in Vienna, Austria

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