Vintgar Gorge-Slovenia (Aug 2015)

Entrance fee: 4 €
During our short weekend stay in Bled area ( Bled ) we also visited Vintgar Gorge (Soteska Vintgar). It’s only 10 mins from the center of Bled by car but you can also reach it on foot since there are hiking trails from Bled. When we parked our car we saw several tourist coaches already there so we knew it was going to be a bit crowded but what can you expect of a tourist attraction on a nice Sunday?In spite of that we still managed to take in the beautiful nature and enjoy ourselves.

The path runs 1 600m through gorge while the river Radovna flows over cascades and rapids creating a movie like scenery. You cross a couple of wooden bridges and you reach a little dam and see Bohinj’s railway stone bridge above. After that the path leads to another wooden cabin with tickets and some refreshments like the one at the entrance and this is where your visit finishes. So you need to go back the same way but before you do that you should see Šum waterfall. You reach it by following a short path downstairs from the entrance/exit cabin. And that’s it, so now I’ll let you enjoy the photos.

Would you like to visit Vintgar gorge?

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17 thoughts

  1. Very similar scenery to a gorge we visited in Austria a few years ago – we were very near the Slovenian border. Beautiful and powerful.

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  2. How beautiful, Tanja! I’ve only been twice to Slovenia – Ljubljana and skiing – but never made it to Bled and Vintgar Gorge – I clearly need to visit now I’ve seen this! Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

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  3. Isabella from the Sunny Side of This also mentioned this gorge in her recent post and I was glad to discover it! But here I’m glad to learn a little bit more about it! We’ll be stopping at Lake Bled again as part of our honeymoon road trip around the Balkans! #FarawayFiles

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