A fun boat trip in Bruges (April 2015)

this is where we started our boat ride (just off the Burg square)
this is where we started our boat ride (just off the Burg square)

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post on Bruges ( A perfect day in Bruges) we took a boat trip along the canals. It cost 8 euros per person and lasted for half an hour. The driver/guide also spoke about the sights we were seeing from our boat but to be honest I didn’t really pay much attention to him since I was too busy admiring everything around me. The boat was full of people which made taking good photos a difficulty. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the boat ride. It was great to see the town from its waterways and to wave at the people at the bridges 🙂 It was also fun when we had to go under the bridges since some of them weren’t that high and you felt like you were going to hit your head. We saw some beautiful swans too. It was a sunny & warm day but the water was really cold; I know because I put my hand in it 😉
All in all, a great and fun experience.

So have you tried a boat trip in Bruges?

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  1. I loved the canal cruise too but couldn’t help thinking “how much money do these people make?” At 8 euros a pop, packed boats and a constant stream of tourists, the operators must be millionaires!


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