The London Eye experience

There are some things that you just have to do while in London. And going on the London Eye is one of them. However, I didn’t do it during my first visit because I was waiting for the perfect weather and I thought that it was a bit too expensive. Little did I know! So, fast forward two years and I’m back in London with my best friend and partner in crime (she’s a London lover as me)  and we still had doubts about paying the expensive ticket to go on a giant Ferris wheel. That was in 2008 but during our October visit in the same year we finally decided to give it a go. We weren’t disappointed.

with my best friend-Oct 2008

with my best friend-Oct 2008

Oct 2008

We actually waited in a proper queue to buy the tickets and then again to get on the London Eye. It’s funny how it never stops; it just goes round and round with people getting on and off. Of course, there’s a security check in between boarding; the dog sniffed under the big seat to check for explosives I guess. Alas that’s the world we live in nowadays. So, we got in the capsule together with a bunch of people and prepared to be dazzled by the views of London. Naturally, the first thing you see are the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben because they are just across the London Eye which is on the South Bank. Did you know that Big Ben is the name of the bell inside the clock tower while the actual clock tower was called St.Stephen’s? But it was renamed recently into Elisabeth’s tower in honour of the Queen. Since the capsule you’re in offers 360° views you can turn around and see a lot of London. For me, the second best view (after Big Ben) is the view of the St.Paul’s cathedral. You can also see the Buckingham palace but you can’t see as far as the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London because the river Thames bends. Of course , now you can see the Shard as well but it wasn’t even in the planning stage when we did the London Eye ride.

You can barely notice that it moves. At the highest point it seemed to have stopped for a short time and then it slowly descended again and our ride was over. It lasted approx. 30 mins. Or at least it did back then. I did it again in 2011 (and then I saw the Shard but it wasn’t finished). Anyway, I have so many photos of London but when I searched for photos for this post I realised that I don’t have that many decent photos from the London Eye. I didn’t go on another ride during my last visit to London in 2013 but I’d like to do it at least one more time but preferably in the evening to enjoy London when it’s all lit up.

my second ride-July 2011

my second ride-July 2011

July 2011

You can’t see the Shard in this photo because it’s from 2008

now you can see the Shard being built-2011

now you can see the Shard being built-2011

I can’t recommend enough this attraction. Even though the price might seem a bit steep (it’s 19.35£ today) it’s magnificent to see the beauty of London from above. Of course, you can now also get great views from the Shard but that one is even more expensive (25.95£) and you don’t go around :). I still haven’t done the Shard but I will one day. 🙂

Ps. I just clicked on the website of the London Eye to check the current price of the ticket and saw that it’s called Coca-Cola London Eye now!?Whaaat? Why does the London Eye need a sponsor?I remember when it was called the Millennium Eye since it was built for the year 2000 and then called the British Airways London Eye which made much more sense than Coca-Cola. Sorry about this rant!:)



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