A cat & Christmas

my cat (last year)

Don’t you just love them? Even if they jump on your Christmas tree and knock it down for the umpteenth time. And break a cherished Christmas bauble and destroy the Christmas lights but luckily avoid to be electrocuted by them?Of course, I’m talking about cats!

We’ve got a new Christmas tree this year because our previous one was really old and started to look rather sad and run down. We haven’t put up the new tree just yet but I’m worried what’ll happen once we do. It’s quite bigger than the last one so it’ll have a lot more decorations too. Hopefully my cat won’t be able to knock it down that easily anymore. But if he does, I just hope the tree doesn’t hurt him. And I also hope that my cat doesn’t destroy my lovely Christmas baubles from my trips. I’ve got a few special Christmas tree decorations from Oslo and Austria 🙂

My family’s tradition is to put up the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve day (24th Dec) but I like to do it a bit earlier, just after my birthday passes. So, the operation Christmas tree will start next week!:) And I’ll decorate the house a bit as I usually do. I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping because I’ve been away for work quite a lot this month (Vienna).

So, have you got a cat? Or a dog? Do they attack your Christmas tree? Have you already done up your house for Christmas?




Merry Christmas!

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27 thoughts

  1. Oh, your cat is such a cutie pie. ❤
    My cats used to climb christmas tree when they were younger, but now they have a cat tree standing just next to christmas tree and they don't bother climbing on christmas tree anymore. Thank god it's not interesting anymore. 🙂

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  2. I wasn’t going to get a tree this year because our cat wrecks it every year. I relented and got a little real tree for £10 from Sainsburies on Sunday, and am now dreading coming home from work each day and seeing the carnage she’s caused!

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