Lisbon oceanarium


On the penultimate day of our honeymoon in Lisbon we visited the Lisbon oceanarium in  Parque das Nações,  where the EXPO was held in 1998. This is definitely a modern part of otherwise charmingly historic & romantic Lisbon. I enjoyed walking around the grounds of the former World Exhibition site which is nowadays a residential and touristic quarter. There are newly built hotels and a shopping mall, homes, offices etc. There’s also a very luxurious and Dubai-looking hotel in Vasco da Gama tower. We walked along the promenade and took photos of one of the longest bridges in the world (  Vasco da Gama bridge). We didn’t take a ride in the cable car so that’s definitely something we could do if we ever go back to Lisbon (I’d like that very much.)

Lisbon oceanarium

So, the Lisbon oceanarium is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe. Right next to the entrance is  a waterfall!:) We could have bought our tickets online but I didn’t really think of that before so we had to wait in line for a while. The building itself is interesting but the main feature of this oceanarium is a huge tank ( 1,000 m2 , 5,000 m3 ) with large (49 m2) windows on its sides that stretch across several storeys. The tank is 7 m deep  and there are about 100 species from around the world in it including scary sharks, rays, barracudas, groupers, and moray eels and lots of others. There are four tanks around this large central tank that showcase four different habitats:  the North Atlantic rocky coast, the Antarctic coastal line, the Temperate Pacific kelp forests, and the Tropical Indian coral reefs. Apart from these big tanks there a lot of smaller ones with frogs, seahorse, corals, jellyfish etc. We also saw lovely penguins and puffins and we saw sea otters being fed. That was such a cute sight 🙂 The visit was very educational and interesting. I’d recommend it to anyone, especially to families.








Date of visit: Sep 2014

For ticket prices and other information check the site:


Jaws X :)
Jaws X 🙂

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28 thoughts

  1. We really enjoyed Lisbon and plan to return. I’d forgotten about the oceanarium. Must go, if for no other reason than they have the cutest penguins. 🙂

    I’ll remember to buy our tickets ahead of time. Thanks for that.

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  2. We recently visit the aquarium here in Singapore. I enjoy aquariums and your photos of the penguin and otters in particular are very cute. Lisbon’s aquarium looks like a good one.

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  3. That cable car ride looks so awesome! Really nice photos of the aquarium, I have only been to an aquarium one time. Maybe one day I will get to go to this one, thanks for sharing!

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