Easter at home or away?

Easter eggs and Easter chocolate bunnies and spring and cakes and family gatherings are a part of my Easter memories. But I have also travelled during Easter weekend in the past years and have experienced slightly different Easter celebrations.I still fondly remember Easter I spent in England in April 2010. I had Easter lunch in one of the most picturesque English village-Lavenham.  Before the lunch we walked around the tiny but very medieval looking village and took photos of quaint half-timbered wobbly houses.  Then we had our superb Easter lunch at the Swan and enjoyed the piano music. The whole experience was so lovely and so British!:)

Lavenham, England


restaurant the Swan

restaurant the Swan

Over the years I’ve spent Easter at French Riviera and in Tuscany and in Rome too. I liked  seeing different Easter decorations but I missed being with my family. And when you’re travelling it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be eating fine Easter breakfast or get Easter chocolate bunnies from your family. So, when I finally got to be at home for Easter last year I was very happy. On the other hand if I hadn’t travelled during Easter weekend I wouldn’t have witnessed some very interesting traditions.  When I was in Chianciano Terme ( Tuscany ) in 2014 I saw a procession on Good Friday. There were young men dressed as Roman soldiers riding horses, a brass band, people dressed in costumes and of course a person who represented Jesus Christ. The people who watched the procession were very quiet and everything was so solemn yet very touching. I was very moved. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of it because the whole thing happened in the evening and my camera isn’t very good at taking night photos.

Nice, France

Nice, France

Easter decorations in Menton, France

Easter decorations in Menton, France

Rome, Italy



Florence, Italy

This year I’m again at home. Even though it’ll be nice to be around family I do miss travelling. I haven’t been anywhere since Vienna in December. However, it’s only a month till Stockholm!And a month and a half till London!

So what about you? Do you prefer staying at home for Easter or would you rather travel somewhere?



Happy Easter!

Menton, France

Menton, France


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