Life & blog update: June 2019

Dubovac Castle, Croatia
We visited this beautiful castle in Karlovac, Croatia at the beginning of June

Life and blog update: June 2019…. was a month of local travel &adventures 🙂 We finally went on a proper day trip with our boy after a long time. We visited beautiful Dubovac Castle and had lunch with friends. Surprise, surprise I already blogged about it.

I’ve met up with an old friend. We were best friends growing up but then we drifted away and recently we’ve gotten in touch again. She’s got a baby girl so she handed me down all her small clothes for my baby girl. Is it customary in your part of the world to get used baby clothes from friends&family, from older kids? It’s quite common (and useful) here.

Big news, my boy got accepted to the kindergarten!!Here kindergarten (nursery) is from 1 to 3 years and then proper kindergarten and then school from 6/7 years. He’s starting in September when his baby sister is due. A lot of changes for my boy but I’m sure that he’ll cope well.

My best friend got back from China for holidays so we had her birthday dinner. It was so much fun! My husband had 2 weeks holidays so we spent most of it on the island Krk. It was really hot and I felt like a whale on the beach, #29weekspregnant. Of course, our toddler loves the sea and has no fear! Not always a good thing! He had lots of ice-cream  too. I tried the fish pedicure for the first time ever and the bubble waffle ice-cream.

It’s been 20 years since my nona (grandma) died. She was such a powerful woman, such an inspiration. I still miss her greatly.

What do you think? Is blogging slowly dying out? It seems that more and more bloggers that I follow either stopped writing or drastically reduced the amount of content they publish. Also, some blogging linkups that I used to join shut down too or don’t have that many participants anymore. Can you suggest some new travel linkups for me to join? I also don’t blog as much as I used to so I can’t really blame the others… My 4th blogging anniversary is at the end of August. Wow! I should throw a party:) But I’ll probably be in labour then…


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What were the highlights of your June? Did you travel somewhere?


Have a great July!





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2 thoughts

  1. I hope blogging isn’t dying, as for me, I’m just too exhausted and busy. The concept of having a “holiday” from work isn’t quite the same as it was before kids 🤣 Maybe other bloggers are just enjoying summer – I remember last summer was quite quiet too. They’ll be back! I hope! 🙂
    Over here, people do hand down clothes but usually just to one person: a best friend or sister or someone close. I don’t really have anyone I could get clothes from. A close friend has 3 kids but they are all girls and their clothes are pink and princess-y 🙂 Too bad too, since clothing is super duper expensive here. Especially when you need to buy everything in double…
    Hope you’re doing well, the heat must be exhausting! Try to have some ice cream and some nice swims in the sea maybe?

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    1. My hubby said he didn’t really get rested on his holiday 🤣it’s definitely different with kids. Summer is always a bit quiet in the blogging world but I didn’t mean it in that way, I got the feeling ppl generally blog less, me included 😕

      Liked by 1 person

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