Life & blog update: April 2020

Life & blog update: April 2020
Wisteria hysteria…I took this photo on a walk in my neighbourhood

Life & blog update: April …was the dullest month ever. A month spent at home because of lockdown due to coronavirus. I like to travel in April. Last year my husband and I went to Berlin and we had a wonderful time exploring it. It was our first trip together after becoming parents (however, we weren’t completely alone on that trip, it was us and my baby no.2 bump). In 2018 we took our son to his first trip abroad to Udine in Italy. Another great April trip was Stockholm in 2016 while in 2015 I fell in love with Brugge. Oslo was a pleasant surprise in April in 2014. This year, I travelled to kitchen from the living room via the hallway. Needles to say, I didn’t even need a cabin bag.

I have already blogged about coronavirus anyway so I won’t discuss it further here. Being at home wasn’t a prolonged holiday for me and I didn’t do crafts or learnt a new skill. My emotions were are all over the place and there are many question marks in our lives at the moment about our future and finances. So, I don’t feel like pouring out my soul here. Just a quick note though: on 27th April the first stage of lifting strict anti-coronavirus measures has began. So, we aren’t anymore in a lockdown. However, any ˝normality˝ is still far away.

Let’s move on to a brighter subject: my kids. My baby girl has her first tooth! And she’s started to crawl. It’s more of a backward crawling than proper crawling but she is definitely moving. She can also sit unassisted if you put her in a sitting position. She loves being outdoors. Our toddler is growing so fast. We had to order new shoes for him online and waited for them for over 10 days!! The things he says…oh my!:) I’m a bit worried that he’ll need to adjust to daycare and other kids once the daycare opens again (he probably won’t be able to go to daycare immediately when it opens in mid May ). I sing some English nursery rhymes to my son and I read occasionally in English to him too so recently he has started to pick up some English 🙂

In other news, I dyed my hair. Yes, that isn’t a big deal but I’ve never done it by myself. Easter was quite low-key this year. My husband learned how to make a pizza from scratch! It was quite delicious. That and the fact that he was able to spend a lot of time with the kids are the only positive things about this whole situation. However, he’s also found out that it’s quite tiring to be at home with the kids all the time.

How are you all? What’s the situation in your country now?

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Have a great May!



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  1. I feel the same! Even though the lockdown is not as strict here as it used to be, nothing is really normal yet, and I’ve had to cancel some cool holiday plans… Also, spending so much more time at home can be really nerve-wrecking!! But that’s great for your kids and the pizza! 😊 Despite the very dull month it has been very refreshing to relax a bit more I have to say 😊

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    1. it’s changing here every day too, more freedom but it’s not the same. it’s not just the lack of travel, everything is different. but this too shall pass 🙂

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