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  1. You were in my neighbourhood, you should have said and we could have met for a glass of rosรฉ! Oh well, next time! Looks ike you had lovely weather (not hard in this part of the world though.) Thanks for linking up with #AllAboutFrance

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  2. You visit so many beautiful places and this is not the exception. Would love to stay around the French Riviera for some time (so I can explore its nooks and crannies), #FarawayFiles

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  3. Thanks Tanja for opening one of our many memories of travel to France, and to Antibes, specifically. Love that Picasso museum! Such an intriguing collection of paintings, but also tiles, photos and all sorts of Picasso memorabilia. The ramparts around the town, facing the sea, are simply beautiful and how many times we have pointed at one of the windows overseeing the sea, saying “there! that’s where we need to live!”. The weekly market in Antibes is rich with local produce and we have always found the locals to be super warm. Thank you for this little trip down memory lane!


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