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Beach snaps VIII

Nice, France

Nice, France

The view of the beautiful city of Nice with its Promenade des Anglais and the beach…

This is the last beach snaps blog post. I published eight during this summer to show you some of my favourite beaches from last years. I’ve been to some pretty great beaches in Greece too but I don’t have those photos anymore. I hope you’ve enjoyed my beach photos. My first blogiversary is next week and I’m also co-hosting the monthly travel link up for September! If you haven’t noticed I also registered my domain so I’m now !:)



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Beach snaps V


Cannes, France

In this photo you can see the famous Carlton Hotel at Croisette and the beach. Each part of the long sandy beach belongs to a certain hotel so you have to pay (a lot) for the sun lounger. But this part of the beach is public so you can stay here for free:) You can check my Cannes guide too if you want 🙂

P.S. It’s too hot to think properly so I’ll probably continue with my London posts in September. In the meanwhile you can enjoy my beach snaps and maybe I write something proper if I muster the strength to do it (it’s around 30° all the time). Luckily I can go to the beach to refresh;)



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Visiting a Cat café in Nice, France

cats in cat cafe in Nice, France

You can skip the intro about my cats and go straight to the second paragraph about the cat café

I have always wanted to have a pet. Preferably a dog. I’ve had budgies when I was a kid but you can’t really cuddle with a bird, can you? But then when I was 15 my parents finally conceded to my plea for a pet and we got a cat. He was just a kitten when we got him from my mum’s friend and he was a mix breed between a Siamese (or a Birman?) and some unknown ordinary cat breed. I named him after a dog from the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton: Timmy. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen and he’d been my best companion for 11 years until he sadly passed away. I thought I’d never get another cat in my life.

However, when I moved in with my future husband I managed to convince him to get a cat even though he was a self-proclaimed dog-person (having never owned any pet but a hedgehog previously). We adopted our cat Munchkin (my husband named him after a board game) from an animal organization and he’s been bringing us joy and happiness (and occasional dead bird and lizards) ever since we got him as a 2.5 month old ginger-white kitten.

my cat sleeping in his bed

my cat sleeping in his bed

I’m a crazy cat lady and naturally when I recently read about a cat café in Nice I knew I just had to visit it on my next business trip to Nice. Last Friday I had some free time after my work obligations and I went to look for the cat caféLa Ronronnerie. It’s not situated in the usual tourist part of Nice but it’s not difficult to find it. It’s in the street Rue Lepante 4. And you can easily reach it from the high street Avenue Jean Medecin. It’s not far away. There’s a school near the cat café actually. I looked at the café from across the street and then walked over and entered. However, the waiter told me they were full and that I might want to come back in 20 minutes or so when he expects to have some free seats. Of course, I wanted to see the cats so I walked around for a bit and then decided to have lunch somewhere near and to return afterwards to the cat café. I had a lovely lunch and returned to the cat café La Ronronnerie after 2 pm and this time I was lucky:there was place for me.

cat cafe in Nice, France

First impressions: There was a big sign in French with rules at the entrance. The café looked comfortable and simple and there were different cat toys and cat paths on the walls. I saw one black cat sitting lazily in an armchair and another one snuggled in a cat basket next to a bunch of people. Everyone was talking and enjoying their drinks/meals seemingly unfazed by the presence of the cats.

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Visiting 2 perfume factories in France

Eze, France


Everybody knows that France is famous for its perfume production. Whatever brand of perfume you buy it’s very likely that perfume was made in France. I’ve been several times to the south of France, specifically to the French Riviera and on those trips I have visited two perfume factories.

I’ve visited Fragonard factory in Eze village and I’ve visited Galimard factory in Grasse. These factories/shops are open to visitors and offer free guided tours in a variety of languages. I definitely recommend to visit at least one of them while you are at French Riviera.

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A guide to Menton, France


the view of Menton from the Italian highway

Nestled in a bay at the French-Italian border lies the small town of Menton famous for its annual Fête  du Citron (the Lemon Festival). Less known than Nice or St.Tropez this charming French Riviera town offers a laid-back experience of both the French & Italian Riviera.

Menton has a population of under 30 000 inhabitants but like almost every town at the French Riviera there’s a casino  and a sunny promenade by the sea. The proximity to Italy means that you’ll hear a lot of Italian on the streets. Unlike with some other towns there’s no pressure here to do all the sights because there isn’t that much to do really. But don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty to see here but since the town is so small you can do it all without the rush. Or you don’t have to and you can just enjoy the sun & the beach guilt-free. 🙂

My advice is to take your time in Menton and just enjoy yourself. Walk by the sea, browse the stalls of the local market full with fresh fruit and vegetables, try limoncello from the local type of lemon in the shop Au pays du citron, have lunch, take numerous photos  of beautiful pastel coloured buildings, walk around the old town and breathe in the fresh air. But if you really want to do some sightseeing then here’s what you can explore in Menton.

  1. Basilica St.Michel

If you walk uphill from the main street Rue St.Michel you’ll come to this elegant baroque church after you’ve climbed a wide stairway. The annual Music Festival takes place here too. The interior of this 17th century church is really lovely and you should look for St.Devote’s chapel inside since Menton was under the rule of Monaco (there’s a Grimaldi coat of arms too on the square) a long time ago.

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