Beach snaps V


Cannes, France

In this photo you can see the famous Carlton Hotel at Croisette and the beach. Each part of the long sandy beach belongs to a certain hotel so you have to pay (a lot) for the sun lounger. But this part of the beach is public so you can stay here for free:) You can check my Cannes guide too if you want 🙂

P.S. It’s too hot to think properly so I’ll probably continue with my London posts in September. In the meanwhile you can enjoy my beach snaps and maybe I write something proper if I muster the strength to do it (it’s around 30° all the time). Luckily I can go to the beach to refresh;)



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  1. I visited Cannes for a day and it was beautiful! The latest series of Made in Chelsea is set in the South of France – I’m so jealous of them haha

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  2. Gosh must be so hot being 30 degrees every day – we had about 4 days of temperatures like that during the London “heatwave” a week or so ago but it’s gone back to normal now – today I had a jacket on and it was grey and rainy all afternoon – so sadly I don’t have an excuse for being behind with my blogging!! Stay cool and hydrated 🙂

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  3. I was hoping to see some bikini photos and all I see in this are a whole bunch of half-dressed people, some of them wearing jeans who just look like bums sleeping on the beach. What the heck is going on in Cannes? 🙂

    Frank (bbqboy)

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    1. :)) because this photo wasn’t taken in summer but I think it was early spring or early autumn, don’t really remember anymore:)


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