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What’s one thing that you can’t do without in the summer?Well, it’s sunglasses obviously. You can’t explore a city whilst squinting or check that hot dude out on the beach if you can’t see him well because of the strong sun. Everyone needs good quality sunglasses (or a few) that won’t break your bank, right? And if you’re one of those fashion savvy people that match their outfit with their sunglasses then you really need a good eyeglasses shop where you can find good quality sunglasses that look good and that don’t cost much so that you could buy different ones to match your daily sartorial choices. And if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on visiting different shops then your best option is to check some eyeglasses online.

I was approached by the online glasses shop offering me free glasses for an honest review. At first I wanted to choose prescription glasses because I use them for reading and writing this travel blog:). Furthermore, I was thinking about getting new ones anyway so this seemed like a great opportunity but I didn’t have all the necessary prescription information so I decided to choose the sunglasses. Now, GlassesShop has both prescription sunglasses and non-prescription sunglasses but since my prescription isn’t strong I always use just plain sunglasses (without the prescription). sunglasses review

So after I have decided to go for the sunglasses I needed to choose the ones that I would really wear. offers a wide variety of frames, shapes and colours of the sunglasses (and materials). My own old sunglasses are pretty traditional black ones so I decided to be a bit playful and to choose something completely different. I studied their sunglasses for a while taking into account the shape and the material since I wanted to choose something that fits my face and that is durable. Supposedly round shape fits my square face and red is my favourite colour so after a long deliberation I decided to choose Jean Round-red sunglasses. Other contenders where Norwalk Wayfarer black-blue and Bowling Wayfarer black which suit every face and which are very similar to my old sunglasses (especially the bowling ones).

The great thing about GlassesShop webpage is that you can try on the sunglasses. You click on the option try on and then you get a set of faces to choose from and naturally you choose the one that resembles most yours so that you could see how the chosen sunglasses would fit you. Moreover , you can use the camera option and then your laptop’s camera takes your photo, uploads it and you put the chosen sunglasses on (virtually) and see how they fit you! Isn’t that just great? You can choose whether you want to save that image or not. I found this option very helpful. Once you have chosen your sunglasses your order them and receive them by mail.

My sunglasses came with their own case with a cleaning cloth. They look exactly like in the online photos but they are perhaps slightly bigger than I had imagined. They are made of acetate material which is better than ordinary plastic. I tried them out during the sunniest part of the day and they shield my eyes perfectly. Now, I do need to get used to the round shape and the red colour which give off a 70’s vibe but I think that they fit me, don’t they? What do you think?

Jean Round-red sunglasses by

If you need new glasses (eyeglasses or sunglasses) then you’ll be happy to read that the are offering my readers a 50% discount on all frames (excluding sale items) with free lenses! That’s a great deal! To take advantage of this great offer, use code GSHOT50 when placing your order.

sunglasses review

Disclaimer: I was sent the sunglasses free of charge in return for the review. All opinions and photos are my own.

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