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Holiday Clothes Every Man will Love

One of the nice things about going on holiday is that it prompts you to buy some new clothes. An awful lot of us do not pay enough attention to our appearance. We get busy, so tend not to go out shopping and end up wearing the same old things again and again. Knowing that you are going away changes all that. It gets you up out of the chair and makes you freshen up your wardrobe a bit.

This is the case for men as well as women. So, today, I am going to talk about the latest menswear fashions. In particular, clothing that is ideal for a holiday or traveling.

Hawaiian shirts

These are fun, zany, loose-fitting and comfortable. They look good whether you wear them with jeans, trousers, chinos or shorts. Plus, Hawaiian shirts aren’t just for your holiday. You can easily carry on wearing them when you get home, especially, if you tap into this year’s trend of wearing white trousers.  An Aloha shirt looks great worn with light-colored linen trousers or shorts, both of which are ideal for wearing on holiday.


quite nice shirt

Stripy t-shirts

T-shirts are another essential, largely because they are versatile items of clothing. On warm days you can wear them for any activity. If it gets a bit colder, they can easily double up as a vest. Right now, there are lots of stripy t-shirts out there, all part of the back to the 90s movement that is so big in men’s fashion, at the moment.

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Review: Galen Leather Notebook Cover

Handmade Leather Moleskine Journal Notebook Cover by Galen Leather

Handmade Leather Moleskine Journal Notebook Cover by Galen Leather

What’s the one thing that you always take on your travels? For me, that’s a small notebook or a notepad to jot down my travel adventures while I’m away. Then when I get back home I transfer those notes into entries in my travel diary. Well, at least that’s what I did before I started blogging. Now, I just blog about my travels but I still carry my travel notepad so I don’t forget the most important sights and sounds of a place I’m visiting. After all, I’m an old-fashioned girl woman at heart. Of course, the really essential item for your travels is your passport. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could keep your passport and your travel notebook in one place? Perhaps you could even put your phone in the same stylish leather cover? I love handmade leather goods so I was delighted when Galen Leather got in touch with me for a review of one of their products.

Galen Leather is a company that specializes in handmade leather travel goods. They make leather notebook covers, pen cases, passport wallets, stationery, luggage tags, iPad portfolios and many other items. Galen Leather is a family run business based in Turkey. To read more about their beginnings click here.

I chose Handmade Leather Moleskine Journal Notebook Cover in red colour for the purpose of this review. It arrived beautifully packaged in a brown gift/storage box. As a surprise together with my red notebook cover there were a few extra items. I received a small evil eye talisman (Turkish lucky charm ), red leather keychain, a small package of Turkish coffee and a Turkish tea bag. How nice! There was also a note about the company and a 10% discount coupon.

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Summer sandals every traveller needs


Whether you’re spending this summer at the beach or travelling, you’ll need the perfect summer sandals for your adventures. Of course, you’ll need several pairs because different sandals fit different situations, right? Or at least that’s what I tell myself as an excuse to buy yet another pair of gorgeous summer sandals.

I’ve had a look at the flat shoes at Simply Be and chose several pairs for all your summer travel needs.

Beach sandals


great for a beach or a disco

Maybe you’re off to Greece or Spain or Croatia for a beach holiday or maybe you’re just dreaming about a seaside escape. In any case, you need a pair of beach sandals that will take you from day to night without a problem. Suitable for those beach parties or pool parties and yet attractive enough for a surprise date after dark.

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Your travel wardrobe sorted!

in Pula, Croatia a few years ago. I love my red coat:)

in Pula, Croatia a few years ago. I love my red coat:)

It’s very important to be comfortable while travelling. You don’t want anything mundane such as clothes to ruin your travel experience, do you? I am rather sensible most of the time when it comes to clothing but I have made occasional mistakes too. Like that time in Nice, France when I wore my new shoes and had huge blisters by the end of the day. But, hey, I was in France and I wanted to look stylish. I could have looked much better in my old trusty ballet flats 🙂 When I began traveling properly in my 20’s I used to stay at hostels and I had my big backpack. When I travelled to Greece by boat I wore comfy walking sandals and cargo pants because I needed to stay as comfortable as possible on my 2 weeks odyssey around Greece. When cheap flights became omnipresent I ditched my backpack and got a small convenient hand-luggage-size suitcase. So I had to be smart on how much clothes I could pack in my small suitcase.

in Nice, France, 2015

in Nice, France, 2015

You should keep in mind two different aspects of any trip when considering what clothes to pack: clothes for on the go and clothes for the destination. Of course, you should combine those two so as not too pay for excess weight if you’re travelling only with a hand luggage.

Clothes for ON THE GO: this means what you’re wearing while actually flying, or travelling by train/bus/boat/car.

Layering is the key here. Always have a cardigan or a long-sleeved top in case you get cold on the plane. You probably won’t be wearing heels too 🙂 Leggings and jogger pants are a good comfortable choice as well as hoodies or sweaters.

this is cute and comfortable for a long flight

this sweater is cute and comfortable for a long flight

cute florals on these leggings

cute florals on these leggings

Clothes for the destination: the clothes you’ll be wearing while at your destination since you’ll probably pack differently for a hiking trip in South America or a city break in Rome

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GlassesShop Sunglasses Review sunglasses review

What’s one thing that you can’t do without in the summer?Well, it’s sunglasses obviously. You can’t explore a city whilst squinting or check that hot dude out on the beach if you can’t see him well because of the strong sun. Everyone needs good quality sunglasses (or a few) that won’t break your bank, right? And if you’re one of those fashion savvy people that match their outfit with their sunglasses then you really need a good eyeglasses shop where you can find good quality sunglasses that look good and that don’t cost much so that you could buy different ones to match your daily sartorial choices. And if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on visiting different shops then your best option is to check some eyeglasses online.

I was approached by the online glasses shop offering me free glasses for an honest review. At first I wanted to choose prescription glasses because I use them for reading and writing this travel blog:). Furthermore, I was thinking about getting new ones anyway so this seemed like a great opportunity but I didn’t have all the necessary prescription information so I decided to choose the sunglasses. Now, GlassesShop has both prescription sunglasses and non-prescription sunglasses but since my prescription isn’t strong I always use just plain sunglasses (without the prescription). sunglasses review

So after I have decided to go for the sunglasses I needed to choose the ones that I would really wear. offers a wide variety of frames, shapes and colours of the sunglasses (and materials). My own old sunglasses are pretty traditional black ones so I decided to be a bit playful and to choose something completely different. I studied their sunglasses for a while taking into account the shape and the material since I wanted to choose something that fits my face and that is durable. Supposedly round shape fits my square face and red is my favourite colour so after a long deliberation I decided to choose Jean Round-red sunglasses. Other contenders where Norwalk Wayfarer black-blue and Bowling Wayfarer black which suit every face and which are very similar to my old sunglasses (especially the bowling ones).

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